The Central Maryland Pond Club

Last Updated: 1/5/05

So far, this club has one member, me! No one has been interested in the club. A few people have said they would attend if it was not just me. I do not have the time to run a club by myself. Alas, this is just part of my active imagination.

There are no other pond clubs that meet in Central Maryland with any regularity. The Mid- Atlantic Koi Club has had one meeting in my area since 1997 that I know of so that is it.

The imaginary CMPC has monthly meetings to discuss watergardens, aquatic plants, koi, goldfish, other pond fish, natural ponds, native wildlife, vegetation in and around ponds, frogs, snails, and other pond animals. Once a year, there is a pond tour. Members share excess plants and animals with each other. This club is NOT affiliated with a pond store or business. Many clubs are, and, then, they become just a venue for the store to push their goods and services. The CMPC considers all the various ideas and views regarding various pond issues and products. Pond keeping is not about absolutes.

Robyn Rhudy -