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I was laid off from my full time job at the end of 2011 after 14 years when they moved to Iowa. I worked part time for the same employer through 3/23/12. I got a part time job in February of 2013 and a full-time job in June of 2013.

The version you see below has personal information removed. To see my cover letter, a short version of the resume, and a long complete version, please contact me.



MS in analytical chemistry awarded May 1996
Final GPA: 3.68

BS in chemistry and minor in French awarded May 1994
Final GPA: 3.83 (Magna Cum Laude, academic and departmental honors)

Honors & Awards:

Graduate Teaching Assistantship, 1994-1996
The American Institute of Chemists Foundation Student Award for excellence in the chemical sciences, May 1994
Distinguished Scholarship in Chemistry, April 1994
Undergraduate Award in Analytical Chemistry, 1993
Presidential Scholarship, $10,000, 1990-1994
Honors College Scholarship, $2,000, 1990-1994
Certificate of Merit, June 1990
President's Academic Fitness Award, June 1990
Northeast Conference Award for Excellence in Language Study (French), June 1990
Bausch and Lomb Science Award, 1989


NAME OMITTED (environmental laboratory):
Full Time Wet Chemist, May 27, 2014 to present
Test for/with the following with lots of quality control: Solids (TS, VS, TSS, VSS, TDS, VDS, SS), two electrodes (pH, conductivity, salinity), an AQ1 Seal Discrete Analyzer (ammonia, alkalinity, cyanide, hexavalent chromium), a Dionex system for anions (similar to HPLC), and four lamp systems (COD, chlorine, total organic halides (TOX), turbidity, and hexavalent chromium on soils).

NAME OMITTED (environmental laboratory):
Full Time Sample Login Coordinator, June 18, 2013 to June 4, 2014
Processed environmental soil and water samples
Used Oracle-based LIMS

NAME OMITTED (grocery store):
Part Time Deli Associate, February 11, 2013 to June 21, 2013
Made and served lunch meat, cheese, sandwiches, subs, bread, pizza, etc.

Part-Time Author, 2001 to 2012.
Non-fiction - Robyn's Pond Book and contributions to various e-newsletters.
See for more information.

Outsourcing Coordinator (transitional position after chemistry was shut down)
Part Time, April 2011 to September 2, 2011
Full Time, September 6, 2011 to December 30, 2011
Part Time, January 3, 2012 to March 23, 2012
Examined received chemistry samples, determined test codes, packed and shipped samples to other labs, communicated with the other labs, reported results in LIMS, altered reports as needed by clients, composited chicken, tested for flavomycin via microassay, and more.

NAME OMITTED (food testing laboratory):
Full Time Senior Chemist (Head HPLC Chemist), December 9, 1997 to September 2, 2011
Tested for food additives, contaminants, etc. via HPLC and other methods; for example (not all listed), aflatoxins, anions, aspartame, aspirin, Vitamin A and beta-carotene, beta-cryptoxanthin, capsaicins (Scoville Heat, my speciality), malachite green, minocycline, erythromycin, flavonoides, furazolidone, nitrofurazone, metronidazole, nalidixic acid, sulfonamides, theobromine, theophylline, MSG, organic acids, ethoxyquin, BHA, BHT, polyphenols, sulfa drugs, cephalosporins, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, sugars, sugar alcohols, vanillin, vanillic acid, four other compounds found in vanilla extract, tetracyclines in meat and feed, caffeine, saccharin, benzoic acid, various acids (citric, ascorbic, erythorbic, propionic, etc.), patulin, HMF, Vitamins B (B1,2,3,&6), C, D, E, and K, acesulfame-K, glycyrrhizic acid, indole, lutein, lycopene, penicillins, styrene, sucralose, limonin, nicarbazin, virginiamycin, EDTA, and more more via HPLC; arsenic, hardness, alkalinity, aflatoxin, juice authenticity, melamine, etc.; used centrifuge, vacuum systems, lots of wet chemistry, etc. (see below under skills for equipment used)

Assistant, June 23, 1997 to July 7, 1997
Did temporary work xeroxing, faxing, using spreadsheets, and other office work

Analytical Chemist, December 30, 1996 to June 20, 1997
Worked in the TSM4 office in the environmental analysis lab using equipment such as the Hewlett Packard 4500 ICP-MS, Hewlett Packard 5970 and 5890 GC-MS, Midi-Vap Model MCV100-3 Midi-Cyanide Distillation System, CEM MDS-8ID, and Milton Roy Spectronic 301 to test various fresh and salt water samples and metal samples for metals, organics, cyanide, etc. as well as performing many other assignments

Sales Clerk, Aquarium Store, October 9, 1996 to November 18, 1996
Helped to maintain over 500 fish tanks, advised customers, sold live animals and supplies, and performed miscellaneous tasks as needed

Graduate Teaching Assistant (TA), August 1994 to June 1996
Oversaw organic chemistry and then instrumental analysis laboratories

Intern, June to July 1993
Conducted biotoxicity tests using cultured minnows and daphnia and some chemical water testing

SCHOOL NAME OMITTED, Chemistry Tutorial Center
Tutor, September to December 1992

NAME OMITTED (non profit that works on streams).
Intern, June to July 1992
Worked on stream and watershed surveying, cartography, identifying aquatic macroinvertebrates, etc.

NAME OMITTED (magic store).
Sales Clerk and Demonstrator, June to August 1988
Demonstrated and sold magic supplies and helped keep shop

Self Employed
Professional Magician, December 1984 to October 1989
Performed 33+ shows (9 paid, 24 volunteer)

Post-Masters Seminars and Courses:

Waters HPLC Forum '98 - 4 hours, 5/6/98.

Chromatography Institute of America, Normal and Reverse Phase HPLC - 18 hours, 4/22/99 and 4/23/99.

Shimadzu HPLC Preventative Maintenance Course - 16 hours, 6/17/04 and 6/18/04.


Work well in a chemical laboratory setting.

Love to work behind a desk and on the computer.

Communicate efficiently and able to teach others.

Can write reports, memos, procedures, etc. very well. Author of Robyn's Pond Book sold at Author House.

Familiar with instruments including but not confined to LC, GC, GC-MS, AA, UV-VIS, PV, CV, ICP-MS, CN- distillation, refractometer, pH and ion meters, Vicam Series 4 Fluorometer (for aflatoxin),etc.

Familiar with the following: graduated cylinders, beakers, Erlenmeyer flasks, Buchner funnels, volumetric flasks, reflux systems, analytical balances, centrifuges, steam baths, wrist shakers, hot water shake baths, vortexes, sonnicators, venturis (for de-gassing and vacuum filtering), pipettes (all sorts), and most other things found in a chemistry lab.

Specific liquid chromatographic equipment utilized at Strasburger and Seigel:
Pumps = Beckman 110A,Waters 501, Waters 510, Shimadzu LC-10AT, and Shimadzu LC- 20AD
Auto-Injectors = Shimadzu SIL-10AD and SIL-20AHT (all other machines were manual injection).
UV Detectors = Waters 481, Shimadzu SPD-10AV and SPD-20AV
Fluorescence Detectors = Shimadzu RF-530, RF-551, and RF-10AXL
RI Detector = Erma ERC-7510
ELSD Detector = Shimadzu ELSD-LT
Conductivity Detectors = Waters 431 and Shimadzu CDD-10A
Integrators = Shimadzu CR601, Spectra Physics 4400, Shimadzu C-R8A, Hewlett Packard HP3396, and Waters 740
Controllers = Shimadzu SCL-10A and CBM-20A
Oven = Shimadzu CTO-20AC
De-gassers = Shimadzu DGS-14 A and DGU-20A3
Client Server (software for newer machines) = Shimadzu Class-VP

Excel in environmental tasks.

Love caring for animals (100's of fish in 5 fish tanks and 6 ponds,15 other permanent pets, and dozens more pond and temporary animals).

Voted smartest female in graduating 1990 class with difficult coursework, 3.5 years straight A's, top 5% of class, and perfect attendance.

Speak French almost fluently (yearly classes 1984-1994) and capable of basic translation.

Computer Skills:

Can use both IBM and Apple/Macintosh.

Computer Languages (on simple level): Basic, Fortran, HTML

Programs (all versions/years): Windows, WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, Excel, Lotus, Paint Shop, Cricket Graph, PSI Plot, Microsoft Outlook, Genesis (NLEA labeling), LIMS (DOS-based and internet-based laboratory management software), and more

Moderate to fast typing.

Experience designing, writing (in HTML), and maintaining my large web site.

Computer Games:
Helped to create a few computer games including a graphic adventure using an interface created by my brother and worked on the pictures, sounds, and error checking for the well known shareware game

Learn new computer languages, skills, and programs very quickly
Created these web pages with virtually no training (just a handful of commands)


Honors College, SCHOOL NAME OMITTED, 1990-1994
Phi Kappa Phi honor society, March 1993-1994
French Honor Society, 1989-1990
NAME OMITTED (magicians' society), September 1986-early 1990's

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