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Comments on Robyn's Turtle Pages

Last Updated: 3/29/08

Positive Comments About My Turtle Pages

"I really like your web page and think you have done a wonderful job on it. I have been searching for a site with just basic general information on turtles, and yours is the first that I have found that isn't a personal page just about their turtle and pictures of their turtles in like sweaters and such. So I was so happy to find your site- thanks!...Thank you for your time and I appreciate the hard work you have put in to your site. You've done a nice job!..." - DeLany, 5/27/00.

"I have viewed your painted turtle web page. I have to say it was very helpful and informative...." - James, 11/9/02.

"...You have a great site and it was great to find a fellow chelonian enthusiast...." - Chantelle, 12/28/02. (Note: Turtles are chelonians.)

"...I loved reading everything you had about these beautiful turtles and thank you for having it there." - Joann, 3/12/03 (with regards to painted turtles).

"...I'm so happy I found your web site about these turtles...." - Debbie, 5/6/03.

"I love your web page! Thank you...." - Karrie, 5/6/03 (regarding the painted turtle page).

"Thank you so much for putting together such a great web site!!!..." - Brittney, 5/8/03.

"...I like your web page by the way. I has a lot of useful information." - Bill, 5/10/03.

"...Great web page!..." - Anne, 5/11/03 (regarding the hatchling turtle page).

"...Thanks for all the info on your website....Your website has so much info I am surprised you don't have turtles in your immediate vicinity. I've marked the site as a favorite and will visit again." - Sue, 5/29/03 & 5/30/03 (two e-mails).

"...I really appreciate your help...most pix of web pages don't show babies or full shots of turtles and until I found your page I was at a total loss for what type of turtle this was. Thanks again for your very informative web page and your response." - Ger, 9/28/03.

"...Great information on your web-site by the way!" - Melissa, 12/10/03.

"...I enjoyed your site very much and it helped me to take more knowledgeable care of the 2" snapper I am taking care of until it is warm enough to release it. It is so appreciated to find sites that explain all the knowledge they have gathered in research to help others." - Unknown, 2/17/04.

"...That was a great site! It provided me half the info I need to take care of a turtle...." - Nancy, 6/16/04 (hum, only half; what did I miss? I am always looking to improve my site!).

"Read your site and found it very informative!..." - Deb, 7/27/04.

"Just wanted to say thanks....I learned a lot about the care & feeding from your site....Thanks, your site was very informative." - Unknown, 8/5/04.

"This is a great site. I've been looking for a good one and this is it!..." - Karen, 8/27/04.

"...Thank you for the information you have provided at your site...." - Kimberly, 8/31/04 (regarding my hatchling turtle page).

"...First I would like to thank you for the help that your website has provided me...." - Billy, 8/31/04 (regarding my hatchling turtle page).

"...Thank you for your page, for your reply and for your willingness to provide information. The webpage is so well done and is very informative." - Martha, 9/2/04 (regarding my hatchling turtle page; hum, seeing a trend?!).

"...Thank you for your great site...." - G.O., 9/9/04.

"...Thanks again - wonderful site! I consulted it many times." - LaVonna, 9/22/04 (regarding hatchling turtle page).

"What a great site...." - Lynn, 9/27/04.

"...You are a saint!..." - Gail, 10/1/04 (regarding hatchling turtle pages and my help).

"...Thank you so much for your wonderful website....Thanks again for all of your information. You have been a very big help!" - Angela, 10/5/04 (regarding my hatchling turtle page).

"...I love your website, you provide great information...." - Nicole, 10/11/04.

"...Thank you for your very helpful website...." - Linda, 10/14/04 (regarding my hatchling turtle page).

"I want to say thank you for the excellent site on baby snapping turtles.... Thank you for the much needed help!" - Pamela, 10/21/04.

"...God bless you for helping to save the lives of many turtles so that they have a good start for a chance of survival in the wild." - Pamela, 10/22/04 (same person as previous message).

"I wanted to tell you that b/c of your web page, I am now able to take care of a quarter sized turtle that was given to me by someone who found him in the beginning of October...." - Wendy, 10/27/04.

"...Your info on hatchling's was wonderful. We found one...and we have had very little success getting him or her to eat. Based on your website info, now it's clear why...." - Glenn, 10/30/04.

"...Just wanted to drop you a quick 'thank you' for the information on your webpage....I did a Google search for information on raising hatchling snapping turtles and found your page. Your information was very helpful...." - Dan, 11/1/04.

"Hello, first I wanted to say that your site is great, very organized and helpful...." - Mike, 11/18/04.

"...I really enjoyed reading your page on hatchlings. I found everything very helpful and appreciate the information....I really enjoyed your website...." - Lindsey, 12/1/04.

"First I would like to thank you for making such a wonderful site that even people that aren't familiar with turtles can understand...." - Sophie, 1/6/05.

"...I was thrilled to find your VERY informative site! Thank you so much for all the time and effort you have put forth to educate so many...." - Dawn, 1/11/05.

"...I found your website very informative..." - Mandi, 1/31/05.

"...Thank you for all the great info provided on your website!..." - Karen, 2/17/05.

"...I just found your website and found it very informative...." - Jackie, 4/19/05.

"...I was looking at your site and I found a bunch of good info...." - Joey, 4/28/05.

"...Thanks so much, and I love your website. It's a great website for anyone that happens to own a painted turtle or any turtle." - Levi, 4/29/05.

"...I wanted to start by thanking your for your webpage; it has proved very helping to me in taking care of a turtle that was given to me...."- Jessica, 6/2/05.

"I just wanted to say thank you for creating such a great page....I just wanted to thank you, and I'm sure if the turtle could, he'd thank you too!" - Drucilla, 6/5/05.

"...I enjoyed looking through your site...." - Jesse, 6/8/05.

"Thank you very much for that information. It's very interesting to find out stuff about our little one....I want to thank you again for everything, and I love your web site. It is very interesting and has all the information I need...." - Jennifer, 6/11/05.

"...I have to say I am very impressed with the wealth of information on your site. Thank you so much for the hard work that you do...." - Shay, 6/15/05.

"...Just wanted to let you know that I looked at a lot of websites that were supposed to offer turtle and turtle pond care information but they seemed inadequate. Your website wins hands down and dances circles around all of the rest. I just wanted to say 'Thanks.' Your webpages are so complete and practical. I'm so impressed...." - Holly, 6/24/05.

"...I love your site.... - Deb, 7/5/05.

"...Your website is wonderful! I spent several hours looking over all the information and you certainly didn't miss a thing. It's very informative - especially for us 'rookies.'..." - Sue, 8/21/05.

"...Your site is great - excellent source of info, and well laid out...." - Sean, 9/1/05.

"...I really am enjoying your website...." - Karen, 9/13/05.

"...I just wanted to thank you for such an informative page on turtles....I appreciate the geniune advice. It is so good to read your accounts of Snappy! You sound like a great and admirable guy for your efforts and the poem was sooooooo sweet!!! You are a good person for everything you did for Snappy and everything you continue to do, by posting proper care to insure that ALL baby turtles are well cared for...." - A.R., 10/21/05 (note, I'm not a guy but a female).

"...I very unexpectedly rescued 2 hatchling turtles this fall. Being an animal/creature lover I wanted to do the best for them but couldn't find any real information about what to do to help them...until I found your website. Thank you so much for sharing your hatchling experience with 'us.' My babies are doing great - month 3 & they are eating literally like pigs & have each grown a half inch in diameter. I am very hopeful that they will grow to be healthy adult turtles - thanks to your help! Forever grateful...." - Kelli, 1/12/06.

"This the only useful site I've seen in a long time. Thank you...." - Phuong, 8/28/07.

"I wanted to thank you for such an informative page. I have owned sliders for about 9 years....The reason I'm writing is that I was impressed by your page. Your setup for baby turtles is great, and I wish that I had the information when I first started....Thanks for your time and effort in the website. I hope that people starting out find your page and use its wisdom. It should make some happy turtles." - Josh, 2/11/08.

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