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Peppered Cories

Last Updated: 7/12/21

Quick Information
Setup and Water Preferences
My Peppered Cories
Links and Pictures

I am new to these fish, so most of the sections below are empty until/unless I have time to fill them in.

Quick Information

Common names: Peppered Cory
Scientific/Latin name: Corydoras paleatus
Maximum length: 2.5 inches
Colors: Black peppered on natural (gray/brownish) color
Temperature preference: 72 to 78 degrees F
pH preference: 6 to 7
Hardness preference: Soft
Salinity preference: Low to medium
Compatibility: Good
Life span: 10 years
Ease of keeping: Moderate
Ease of breeding: Moderate


Setup and Water Preferences



Peppered Cories

I bought three peppered cories on 5/26/21. I was going to get about six but they only had three. I put them in a 20 gallon aquarium for quarantine with plans to put them in the 50 gallon tank when quarantine was done.

I moved the three peppered cories to the 50 gallon tank on 6/12/21. The tank is so overgrown with java moss that at any given moment, I usually cannot find or see them but I see them now and again. The rosy barbs were harassing them when I first put them in but they soon grew bored with that.

Nope, they did not. I found a dead peppered cory on 6/17/21 stuck to the filter intake with almost no fins and no eyes. I found another dead peppered cory on 6/19/21 with almost no fins. I presume the rosy barbs murdered all three of them. I will not be putting other fish in with the brutal rosy barbs. The only other fish with them is a small bristlenose pleco that mostly hides. I am so mad at them after I rehabbed those three darling peppered cories! I grew to love them, and they became beautiful the longer I got them on a good diet and in good water. I never even got a photo of them before they died.

I was surprised to find the missing pepper cory, dead of course, on 7/10/21. It had not been dead long though so somehow he/she made it almost a month past the last time I saw him/her.

Links and Pictures

Photos of my Peppered Cories:

Photos are listed from newest to oldest.

I have not processed any photos as of yet.

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