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Amphibian Books and Links

Last Updated: 2/21/14

Amphibian Books
Frog, Toad, Salamander, and Newt Links
Where Can I Buy Some Frogs and/or Salamanders?


These are the books that I own and that I used as references for this web page.

Familiar Reptiles & Amphibians of North America, National Audobon Society Pocket Guide, Alfred A. Knopf, 1996.

Pond Life: A Guide to Common Plants and Animals of North American Ponds and Lakes by Dr. George K. Reid, Golden Press, 1967. A book chock full of information.

Newts and Salamanders by Frank Indiviglio, Barron's, 1997.

The Audubon Society Nature Guides: Wetlands by William A. Niering, Alfred A. Knopf, 1992.

Here are links to some of those and others.

Links Including Photos and Sounds

These links were last checked on 5/27/10 and some were removed.

See photos of some of the frogs and toads that have visited Robyn's pond by going to the pond pictures page under amphibians.

Species Identification Guide - the North American Reporting Center for Amphibian Malformations site with photos of over 100 amphibians!!

Herp forums - a place to ask questions about reptiles and amphibians

Frog calls - a site with pictures and sound recordings of various frogs including the green frog.

Toronto Zoo - Frogs and Toads - information on American toads, Fowler's toads, Blanchard's cricket frogs, boreal chorus frogs, striped chorus frogs, gray treefrogs, spring peepers, bullfrogs, mink frogs, wood frogs, green frogs, pickeral frogs, and leopard frogs including photos and recordings of their calls.

Herps of Texas - information, calls, and photos of dozens of frogs and toads found in Texas

Winterizing Frogs and Raising Tadpoles - this is an archived version as the site is now gone.

Her pIndex - links to web sites on bullfrogs, African clawed frogs, African dwarf frogs, various tree frogs, horned frogs, white's treefrogs, fire-bellied toads, various other toads, and tons of other frogs! If you cannot find a particular "pet" frog, try here. This is an archived version as the site is now gone.

FrogWeb - lots of frog, toad, and salamander stuff, dedicated to the abnormalities showing up in amphibians but includes lots of information and links

Amphibiaweb - dedicated to amphibian (mostly frog) abnormalities

Super Newt - information on the care of newts (specifically firebelly newts)

North America Amphibian Monitoring and Frog Watch

Goldfish Killers - Tadpoles attacking goldfish (rare)

Frogs and Toads in Color and Sound - site with photos and calls of 10 frogs and 2 toads

HerpDigest - "A free weekly newsletter on the latest news on reptile and amphibian science and conservation."

Reptiles and Amphibians of Virginia & Maryland

Pools for Amphibians - for North Carolina.

enature.com - go to this site and enter your zip code, and they will provide a guide with photos and some information on all the animals, including frogs, toads, newts, and salamanders, that are native to YOUR area specifically! They have hundreds of animal photos with a little bit of information for each.

Diary of a Ponder - this UK gardener has lots of photos and information on the salamanders and frogs in her ponds including their breeding and photos of the developing eggs in the 2002 diary section.

Florida Frogs - photos of frogs native to Florida. This is an archived version of the site which is now gone.

Mike's Life List - includes photos and a little information on about 27 species of newts and salamanders, 14 species of toads (yikes! I only go over four kinds), and 24 species of frogs. These include most of those about which I have information.

The Frogs & Toads of Tennessee - a site with photos, calls, and information on four species of toads and 17 species of frogs native to TN. Most of those may be found in other states as well (about 13 of those 21 are in MD).

The Frogs & Toads of Georgia - a site with photos, calls, and information on 6 species of toad and 26 species of frogs native to GA! Many of these are found in MD and other states too! This site even has photos of some of the tadpoles!

Frog Nirvana - a big frog store but also has some frog information too.

Frog City - another froggy page!

Frog Store - a store that sells frog stuff; it also has a frog facts page

Herpedia - an encyclopedia of reptiles and amphibians which includes photos and information on many frog and salamander species.

Amphibian Ark - frog conservation

Identifying Amphibian Larvae - how to tell various salamanders and frogs from one another as larvae (tadpoles for frogs)

Tadpoles of the United States and Canada: A Tutorial and Key

How Frogs Work - a very interesting article

Froggyville - some fun frog stuff.


Frogland - tons of frog related stuff, geared towards pet frogs (as opposed to pond frogs)

Where Can I Buy Some Frogs and/or Salamanders?

It is very difficult to find mail order suppliers who provide any species of amphibian besides bullfrogs. Green frogs and other local frogs, salamanders, and newts are most reasonably located at the local aquarium or pond store. The following suppliers provide the following amphibians by mail order.

MD Aquatic Nurseries, 410-557-7615 (Maryland) - leopard, bullfrog, and green changeable bullfrog tadpoles (I do not know what that last one is).

Lilypons, 1-800-999-5459 (Maryland) - bullfrog tadpoles.

Carolina Math and Scientific, 1-800-334-5551 (North Carolina), catalog only sent to a business or school - salamanders (eggs, larvae, and adults of spotted salamanders and whatever other species they catch), assorted frogs and frog tadpoles (most altered for "scientific" purposes and may not be suited for release).

Paradise Water Gardens, 1-800-955-0161 (Massachusetts) - unknown species of tadpole.

Hunting Creek Fisheries, (Maryland) - unknown species of tadpole.

Aquatic Dragon of Florida sells leopard frogs (species not specified), garden toads (species not specified), and Cuban tree frogs, both adults and tadpoles when available.

Willow Pond Aqua Farms sells mixed tadpoles (green frogs, leopard frogs, spring peepers, and/or green treefrogs; no choice), adult green frogs, and adult bullfrogs as well as newts. You can call 1-888-854-8945 for a free catalog.

William Tricker, Inc. in Ohio sells unidentified tadpoles (the ones I got were bullfrogs) and what they call "American salamanders" but they are Eastern newts. I thought the unidentified tadpoles would be bullfrogs but Doug told me on 5/3/06 that he asked, and they say they are green frog tadpoles. Call 1-800-524-3492 or use their web site.

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