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Leopard Frogs

Last Updated: 6/24/10

This is a photo of what is probably a Northern leopard frog. Deby sent this photo on 8/2/07 of a frog named Pickles for identification. I think it is a female. She also sent this photo of a different view of Pickles. Deby found poor Pickles, who was about 4" long, in the mouth of a snake soon thereafter. She tried to save him but it was too late.

Photos of Leopard Frogs
Web Sites


Rana pipiens, the Northern leopard frog, is one of the most common frogs. This frog grows to 2 to 5 inches long. They come to water to breed in mid-spring to early summer but otherwise spend quite a large percentage of time away from water. The males' call sounds like a snore. Leopard frogs are mostly nocturnal. I added two adults in 1998. One was sunbathing on a rock sticking out of the water a few weeks later so they may hang around water if it suits them. They were not seen again. An amphibian expert says that where I live, in Maryland, there are Southern leopard frogs but not Northern leopard frogs. Confusion about Southern and Northern races of many species of animals abounds. The Southern leopard frog is Rana atricularia (another two sites call them Rana sphenocephala utricularius). They are almost the same.


I have not written anything yet.

Photos of Leopard Frogs

The only two photos that I have so far are at the top of this page.

Web Sites

These links were last checked on 6/24/10.

To see a leopard frog photo, hear a call, and get info, go to the Toronto zoo site.

You can hear and see a Southern leopard frog at Frogs & Toad of Virginia & Maryland - this is an archived version as the site is gone now. This site says that Maryland has both Northern and Southern leopard frogs but does not have photos or calls of the Northern to compare to the Southern.

These two sites also have photos, calls, and information on the Southern leopard frog:
The Frogs & Toads of Tennessee
The Frogs & Toads of Georgia

Here is a photo of a Northern leopard frog.

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