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Hedgehog Books and Links

Last Updated: 12/22/06

Hedgehog Books

Hedgehog Web Sites

Hedgehog Books

I have these two books which taught me a lot.

Book Information Link to Purchase
The Hedgehog by Dawn Wrobel, Howell Book House, 1997.
Hedgehogs by Dr. Matthew Vriends and Tanya Heming-Vriends, Barron's, 2000.

Hedgehog Web Sites

These are the sites I found in just a few weeks of searching when I first got my hedgehogs in 2002. They are all very, very, very good. If you know of a site I should check out and link to, please let me know. I am (or rather was) especially interested in unique foods, toys, supplies, etc. for hedgehogs.

These links were last verified on 10/27/06. I removed some of them (not in archives or stores that no longer exist) and found archived versions of others that no longer exist.

Hedgehog Welfare Society (HWS) - a great place that helps needy hedgies. Join their Yahoo group on hedgehogs as well. Do not forget to buy something from their shop to help out (helps you too!)! I bought their spine spray for hedgehogs, some treats for them, hedgehog earrings, and a hedgehog sign! They sent me a care package for my rescued hedgies! It was so great, it was overwhelming! If you rescue a hedgie, you can request a care package from their site. Sonic was in love with the hedgie bag that came with it! They both loved the foods so I got more. Even my cat, Gino, fell in love with the Felidae cat food they sent for the hedgies so I got more of that. These guys are so amazing, I cannot say enough good things about them! They also have an on-line newsletter with invaluable information on health issues and things like litter training and wobbly hedgehog syndrome.

Hedgehog Welfare Society's Pet Finder Site - this is part of pet finder and shows hedgies that need homes. Please adopt a needy hedgie!

Hedgies.com - the Carolina Hedgehog Society site with lots of hedgie information including where to buy all those hedgie supplies (totally invaluable when you're trying to sort through all those foods, wheels, etc.!)!

Ain't No Creek Ranch, Inc. - this business, started by Dawn Wrobel (note she wrote the one book I mention under hedgehog books), sold a ton of supplies for hedgehogs but also those other unique and precious small mammals. They used to send you a hedgehog newsletter via mail if you contacted them as well. I used them to re-stock my Spike's Delight hedgehog food and dried waxworms. In the spring of 2005 when I went to order again, I found that they have stopped carrying a lot of their products including all hedgehog foods and treats. All the good places stop selling the things we need! This is an archived version of their site as it no longer exists.

PawPrint On-Line - used to sell hedgehog foods and exercise wheels. Their site has some great information on hedgehogs as well such as the page entitled Hedgehogs 101. I bought most of my initial hedgehog food and their exercise wheels from PawPrint. In 2004, they unfortunately stopped selling hedgehog food and supplies (in fact their entire on-line business stopped).

Brisky's - sell hedgehog food, exercise wheels, a cage like the one my hedgehogs were in (I got Sonic's cage from them; it is sold as a rabbit cage), books (the two I got above), and some other supplies. Their phone number is 1-800-462-2464. If you get their hedgehog food, get the Old Mill kind and not the regular kind. Most hedgies (including mine) do not eat the regular kind.

Hedgehog FAQ - this is a lengthy and excellent resource of information. I went over this when I first found out I was getting the hedgehogs, and it covers most everything! This FAQ is over 100 pages long (the others are 1-5 pages).

Hedgehog Valley - a breeder's web site that has a lot of good information in it. They also sell hedgehog sleeping bags (hedgebags) so I had to buy some!

Afr ican Pygmy Hedgehog FAQ's - another breeder's site with information. This is an archived version of the site as it no longer exists.

Hedgehog FAQ - this one is from Exotic Nutrition which makes a hedgehog food. This is also an archived version as the site no longer exists today.

Chins-n-Quills Forum - this forum is for chinchillas and hedgehogs. It is a very active forum so questions are usually answered.

Laura Roberts' Hedgehog Site - this site covers a lot of hedgehog things not on other sites like ingredient lists of hedgehog foods, where to buy various supplies, and photos of example hedgehog setups.

Hedgehog Registry - Register your hedgehogs for free here (if not a pedigreed hedgie. If pedigreed, there's a tiny fee).

Thistle Dew Hedgehogs - sell hedgehog foods, treats, books, igloos, toys, and other supplies! You can never have enough of those!

Hedgehogs in Space - sell hedgehog foods, supplies, etc. plus "interplanetary" hedgehogs. I'm not sure what that means but they have some neat photos of newborn and growing babies!

The Flash and Thelma Memorial Hedgehog Rescue

Hedgehog Weight Charts

Hoglets.com - a hedgehog breeder page, includes lots of photos and information

Herissons - a site, in French, about hedgehogs. It is cute and, since I speak French (somewhat), it was something different. Ici est un site en francais au sujet des herissons.

European Baby Hedgehogs - the story of some baby European hoglets, in multiple languages.

Picky Hedgies - Jeanne's site; she is a breeder and sells hedgehogs in Florida.

Hedgehog Breeders' Alliance - a site for hedgehog breeders.

Hedgehog Central

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