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Fishpondinfo Newsletter Fall 2011

Last Updated: 8/31/11

Issue 109


I add the visits from my web site stats to my footer once a week. They passed 20 million on 6/11/11. I don't imagine that that many people have really been to my site!

Nothing animal or pond-related has really happened lately except for the death of my poor koi, Kojak.

I have been working harder than ever in my life at my job, doing double duty until the chemistry department ends on 9/2/11 after 85 years (13.75 years for me). I have had no time for my web pages at all or this newsletter. So, you will find it empty this time around. I considered just ending the newsletter but I will wait and see what happens after my job changes. If I still have no extra time, then this will be my last newsletter.

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