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Comments and Stories Relevant to Robyn's Box Turtle Page

Last Updated: 9/9/06

These comments refer to the box turtle page.

Comments are listed from newest to oldest. If the comment is not edited (per their request), there may be incorrect spelling or grammar which does not reflect my ability to use proper English.

I, Robyn, do not necessarily agree with any facts or opinions stated in the comments. I may add a response in some cases but have not altered the comments.

Name: Not given
E-mail: Not given
Date: 9/8/06
Edited: Yes

"First, I love your website and found it to be very interesting and informative. I have a three-toed female and male box turtle. I have had them for 5 years in a neat outdoor enclosure. They eat well, appear to be healthy; I give them fresh water every day. They hibernate every winter. They love the sunshine. They appear to get along well. They sleep next to each other. The female lays about 3-4 eggs in the summer but I have yet to find an egg that hasn't been cracked. I don't know if it's because the turtles bite at the eggs or crush them before I find them. I have noticed squirrels and chipmunks going in the enclosure this year. Annoying. I try to scare them away. Hopefully, they don't harm my turtles. Anyways, my question is: I don't know the age of my turtles. Do you have an estimate of how old they are by looking at their pictures? I can measure them if you wish. I can't tell by looking at the plastron. I don't see the lines on the female anyways. I'll double check the male tomorrow. Appreciate any information you can provide me. Nanc."

Note that the photo did not come through because it was too big. I asked that questions not be posted in the comments form but it seems everyone is doing that as well as sending photos that are too big which the automatic mailer just deletes when they're too big. This person didn't leave an e-mail so if you read this, you can e-mail me your photo and question.


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