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Comments and Stories Relevant to Robyn's Chicken Page

Last Updated: 7/6/07

These comments refer to the chicken page.

Comments are listed from newest to oldest. If the comment is not edited (per their request), there may be incorrect spelling or grammar which does not reflect my ability to use proper English.

I, Robyn, do not necessarily agree with any facts or opinions stated in the comments. I may add a response in some cases but have not altered the comments.

Name: Withheld
E-mail: Withheld
Date: 10/10/06
Edited: No

"Hi Robyn, I just wanted to say that I stumbled upon your website today by accident when I was doing a search on anal sacs for my cat, and I read a lot of the text about your chickens and saw the photos, and I must say, it is sooo entertaining and beautiful! It's very well written. The photos are so pretty and the subjects themselves are too - it makes me want to go buy chickens! You really know what you're doing and I can see you make a great chicken (and other pet) mama. I'm going to bookmark your page."


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