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Comments and Stories Relevant to Robyn's Fishy Page

Last Updated: 10/13/06

These comments refer to the fishy page.

Comments are listed from newest to oldest. If the comment is not edited (per their request), there may be incorrect spelling or grammar which does not reflect my ability to use proper English.

I, Robyn, do not necessarily agree with any facts or opinions stated in the comments. I may add a response in some cases but have not altered the comments.

Name: Heidi
E-mail: Not given
Date: 10/8/06
Edited: No

"I lost my beloved Bert & Ernie last Friday night. (Two goldfish that thought they were Koi.) We've been together for 9 years. I saved them from a "flushing." A friend of mine was moving and going to flush them, even though she had already given them their names. At that time they lived in a dinky fish bowl. For their first Christmas, I bought them a 25 gallon tank and stand. From then on, they shared my flat with myself and my three cats. Bert & Ernie were very sociable fish. They'd get excited any time they saw you coming towards them. When I moved from San Francisco to Spokane, they rode in the car with the cats and I. For our second summer in Spokane, I got them a kiddie pool and kept them out on my patio where they could enjoy the sunshine and larger swimming quarters. I was one day away from bringing them in for the Fall and winter. Raccoons got to them on Friday night, the full moon. My heart was broken when I went out to feed them Saturday morning and found them both dead. They loved each other so much and would stay close by each other's side when they felt threatened. I can only imagine the terror they must have felt that night. Rest in peace guys, we'll never forget you!"


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