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Comments and Stories Relevant to Robyn's Web Pages

Last Updated: 10/19/06

I set up the note pages with the intention of it helping my web site. The first week, I got half a dozen responses. Since then, I get one every week or two. The problem is that I get 10-40 responses a day that are SPAM probably filled out by robots that look for such forms on the internet. The place that does my forms charges me for that bandwidth and does not have the option to safeguard the forms from the robots. I put up with it at first but I have had enough of long lists of porn sites. It takes an extra 20 minutes a day to check the form responses in case there are legitimate ones in with the trash. I give up. I have removed my forms. The few pages that were done before this are listed below.

List of Note Pages - this lists the pages on my site that have pages of notes


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