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Comments and Stories Relevant to Robyn's Plecostomus Page

Last Updated: 2/11/09

These comments refer to the plecostomus page.

Comments are listed from newest to oldest. If the comment is not edited (per their request), there may be incorrect spelling or grammar which does not reflect my ability to use proper English.

I, Robyn, do not necessarily agree with any facts or opinions stated in the comments. I may add a response in some cases but have not altered the comments.

Name: Taylor Lynn
E-mail: Withheld
Date: 9/7/06
Edited: Yes

"This is Diesel the pleco, a.k.a Big D. I bought him pretty big like 9.5 inches, and he is in a 55 gallon tank now and has grown to 10.5-11 inches. I got him in summer 2003. I think that these creatures are so awesome looking that is why I have 3 other ones too. Diesel is my favorite though. The 3 other ones I have I got relatively small so that I could watch them grow. My #2 is almost as big as Diesel. They are my favorite to watch in the tank because they pull all kinds of crazy cliffhanger moves off of the aquarium decorations, and they look so majestic when they raise that large back fin. Just awesome. I didn't know anyone else had such a love for the pleco as me so I wanted to comment and send a pic. Enjoy! "

Name: Evelyn
E-mail: Withheld
Date: 10/9/06
Edited: Yes

"Thank you very much for the info on your plecostomus website (the brown one with spots). Mine was 12.5 to 13.0 inches and had just passed away last Friday. It was at the bottom of the tank upside down, and I am very upset and shocked. I always thought of him as the guardian of the fish tank for the smaller fish. I had no idea the fish would die. I had received him (I bought the tank, equipment and fish from another family) in early April 2001 as he was about 5 inches. I have a 55 gal tank with 13 - 15 other tropical tetra fish which are okay. My water's pH is 7.6 - 7.8. I noticed that my plecostomus was not defecating but he did not look sickly or was losing weight. Your eye information is helpful. Is that the only way to tell if it is losing weight or healthy? I also did not know that you should feed it algae tablets. I only have 2 plants in the tank and 2 logs. I have no idea why he died, upside down at the bottom of the tank and a bit of his underbelly was like a small hill. I will definitely get another one. Sincerely, Evelyn Kwasiborski."


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