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Crustacean Books, Photos, and Links

Last Updated: 2/21/12

Photos of My Shrimp
Photos of Other People's Crustaceans
Crustacean Links

Crustacean Books

These are the books that I own and that I used as references for this web page. Mostly, I used my own knowledge gleaned from many sources.

Pond Life: A Guide to Common Plants and Animals of North American Ponds and Lakes by Dr. George K. Reid, Golden Press, 1967. A book chock full of information.

Photos of My Shrimp

Ghost shrimp on 9/15/00 in my 40 gallon tank.
Ghost shrimp on 4/22/01 in my 40 gallon tank.
Rainbow shrimp on 4/22/01 in my 20 gallon tank.
Rainbow shrimp in my 20 gallon tank on 6/3/01.
Rainbow shrimp in my 20 gallon tank on 6/3/01.
Amano shrimp in my 20 gallon tank on 11/28/01.
Amano shrimp in my 20 gallon tank on 2/8/02.
Red cherry shrimp in my 20 gallon tank on 12/28/02.
Red-fronted shrimp in my 20 gallon tank on 1/4/03.
Red-fronted shrimp in my 20 gallon tank on 3/1/03.
Red cherry shrimp in my 20 gallon tank on 12/28/03.
Tangerine shrimp in my 20 gallon tank on 9/26/07.

Photos of Other People's Crustaceans

There are a bunch of photos of other people's shrimp on my shrimp species page under the appropriate species.

Ben sent this photo of a "blue shrimp" on 8/10/07 which is one species not covered on my shrimp species page.
Blue Shrimp

Crustacean Links

Information on freshwater shrimp is really lacking on the internet. Let me know of any other links you may have found. These links were last checked on 2/21/12, and broken links were updated or deleted (if their current location could not be found or an archived version).

Joe's Aquatic Lounge Freshwater Shrimp Page - this was a great site for freshwater shrimp information; included links and photos of Amano shrimp, ghost shrimp, wood shrimp, bumble bee shrimp, scuds, and many more! This is an archived copy of the web site since it is now gone.

Freshwater Shrimp in the Aquarium - Krib site on shrimp with shrimp photos included; a must visit with tons of information!

Patrick Timlin's Aquaria Page - has 9+ links on fiddler crabs (in aquaria, etc.) and 5+ links on crayfish.

Bob Buettner's Freshwater Aquarium Links! - Bob has compiled a list of at least nine shrimp links to check out!

Shrimp - a collection of newsgroup postings pertaining to various shrimp.

Brine Shrimp Direct

Shrimp, Crabs, and Crayfish - includes lots of photos

Crustacea - nice Crustacean web site. This is an archived version of the site which no longer exists.

Frank's Aquarium - includes some shrimp photos and a link to the Freshwater Shrimp Enthusiasts Group; he lists/sells a number of species of freshwater shrimp about which I know very little (they are not mentioned elsewhere on this page for example) which include the chameleon, blue midget, red claw, red fronted, spider, sunset, and red spotted shrimps. He provided the following list of common and scientific names for some of the shrimp he has gotten or knows about:

Caridina Japonica Site - a site devoted to Amano shrimp. This is an archived version as the site is gone.

Caridina Japonica site - I found this site trying to find out where the previous site had gone. They are not related.

Amano shrimp profile - another link I found trying to find that dead link above.

Photos of Planted Tanks - these professional photos of plants and animals in beautiful aquariums will take your breath away. I did not see any shrimp in the photos though (they all have Amano on them). Mike informed me on 9/28/05 that this is because the tanks were done by Takashi Amano "who popularized the use of algae-eating shrimp in planted aquaria and after whom a particular species is named."

These next three sites are in German but you can see many photos of shrimp and read the scientific names at least. Perhaps you know someone who can translate the German as well. You can also go to http://translate.google.com and enter in the URL, and it will partially translate any page into English as best it can.
German shrimp site 1
German shrimp site 2
Ornamental Shrimp & Crayfish Farming - yes, another site in German, includes photos and a store.

Breeding and Raising the Amano Shrimp - this is an archived version as the site no longer exists.

The Shrimp Factory - they sell about 15 species of freshwater shrimp for aquaria and include some information and photos (from other sites it seems) on their page as well.

Petshrimp.com - a new site with photos of some species, a forum, and soon they will sell shrimp too.

Triops Yahoo Group - for lovers of triops and brine shrimp (aka sea monkeys).

Caridina.japonica.online.fr - a large site written in French about the Amano shrimp. Un site français au sujet de la crevette d'eau douce Caridina japonica.

Science at the Great Salt Lake - includes some information on brine shrimp and other salt-loving invertebrates.

Crystal Red Shrimp and Cherry Shrimp pages at fishyou.com.

The Shrimp Farm - sells shrimp

Live Aquaria sells various kinds of freshwater shrimp. They no longer have an affiliate program so the links will not work but you can see photos of ghost shrimp, cherry fire shrimp (cherry shrimp?), Amano shrimp, and Singapore flower shrimp (wood shrimp) respectively.

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