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Assassin Snails

Last Updated: 10/2/23

My Assassin Snails
Photos of My Assassin Snails


Survive in aquariums: Yes
Survive in warm ponds: Yes
Survive in cold ponds: No
Plant eating capacity: Low
Algae eating capacity: Low
Breathing: Pulmonate
Breeding: Sexual, egg-laying

I have not had time to fill this in. Assassin snails eat other snails.

My Assassin Snails

I bought four assassin snails on 4/10/23 and added them to my 65 gallon aquarium where there were many hundreds of Malaysian trumpet snails.

I saw an empty assassin snail shell sometime in September of 2023 (did not record the date). I still have a good amount of Malalysian trumpet snails, and only rarely do I see an assassin snail.

Photos of My Assassin Snails

Photos are listed from oldest to newest.

I have not processed any photos.

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