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Tator's Photos and Videos

Last Updated: 2/20/17

Note: The plastron is the bottom part of the shell of a turtle, and the carapace is the top part of the shell.

I have trouble getting the digital camera to focus on close and tiny subjects such as Tator so please forgive some of the photos that are not that great.

The photos are from oldest (when Tator was youngest) to newest.

Tator's Carapace on 10/13/05. This photo was taken and sent by the original owner.
Tator's Plastron on 10/13/05. This photo was taken and sent by the original owner. Note the "belly button" where the yolk appear to have already been absorbed inside.

Tator's Plastron on 10/23/05.
Tator's Carapace on 10/23/05. He is facing to the right.
Tator's Carapace on 10/23/05. He is facing to the left.

Tator on a paper towel on 11/13/05.
Tator in the black pot I put him in while cleaning his tank on 11/13/05.
Tator back swimming in his tank on 11/13/05.

Tator's tank empty during cleaning, showing the heater, 1/29/06.
Tator in the black pot, 1/29/06.
Tator's tank full of water with the heater covered in a new fake log. Tator is in there too, 1/29/06.
Tator in the tank, close-up on 1/29/06. You can see the whitish/grayish area between the scutes as he is growing fast, and they are separating to allow for room.

Tator's plastron on 2/5/06. The yellow areas are where he burnt himself on the aquarium heater which I have since blocked off.
Tator on 2/5/06 next to the blackworms.
Tator looking at the blackworms. He was eating them but my camera has a delay so I never did get a shot showing the actual eating!

Tator in his new tank with deeper water on 3/9/06. His head is sticking out.
Tator's new tank on 3/9/06. You can see Tator on the far right.

Tator basking on 3/18/06.

Tator's right side on 6/3/06.
Tator's left side on 6/3/06.

Tator basking on 7/22/06. This is a good photo unlike most of the others!

Here is a video of tator swimming on 9/4/06. It is 1535 KB.

Tator under water on 10/21/06.

Someone wanted some good photos of Tator (full size) but I also cropped them down to show off here. They are all plastron (top) views from 11/18/06. In most cases, I am holding him in my hand.
Tator - climbing my shoe

Tator's 20 gallon tank on 12/9/06. Tator is in the bottom left of the tank.

Here are some photos from 1/6/07:
Tator - in the water; his eye looks green from the flash!
Tator - in the cat carrier while I am cleaning his tank. Notice the long front nails he has grown which makes me think and hope that he is male.
Tator - carapace view, out of water
Tator - plastron view, out of water; he is quite a handful now!
Tator - side view, out of water, sorry it is fuzzy

I took these photos on 3/3/07 of Tator and his tank:
Tator - top view
Tator - side view of him basking with his feet sticking out
20 gallon tank - straight on view; Tator is on the bottom right in the water.
20 gallon tank - slightly above and front view; Tator is on the bottom right in the water.

Here are photos of Tator's "new" 40 gallon tank and him:
Photos from 4/7/07:
Last photo of 20 gallon turtle setup.
The filter box from the side as I had it originally.
40 gallon tank on the first day.
Photos from 4/11/07:
The filter - also Tator's foot on the right.
40 gallon tank
Tator swimming in his new tank. See those long boy fingernails!

I took these photos of Tator on 7/7/07. He was on the rug (I just had weighed and measured him). You can see his long nails indicative of a male aquatic turtle.

Here are two photos of Tator in his tank after I cleaned it on 12/1/07. Since he is in the water, it is a different view point.
Tator swimming
Tator swimming

I took these two photos of Tator on his turtle dock on 1/13/08. Both have obstacles in the way but, if I had taken the lid off, he would have dove into the water.
Tator on the dock, taken through the glass. Notice his head reflected in the water!
Tator on the dock, taken through the mesh lid.

On 3/8/08, I moved Tator to the 120 gallon tank. Here are photos from that day.
Empty 120 gallon - with the land areas I made
40 gallon - last photo of the old tank as it was
120 gallon - being filled with water
120 gallon - with Tator in it. There are bubbles all over since it's 100% new water.
120 gallon - left side with Tator

Tator on 3/29/08 having an intimate moment with his "mate" Miss Fake Log. He spends hours with her at a time.

Tator on 4/5/08 sitting on the ledge with his body in the water and head out. I tried to get a photo along the water line. Sorry for the flash from the camera reflected in the glass.

Tator climbing up the ramp almost sitting on the big land area I made him on 5/11/08. I knew he could climb the ramp if he wanted to! This was the first time I saw him do it. Look at how long his nails are! I suppose they hamper his climbing abilities.

These photos are from 9/7/08:
Tator on his land area; farther out, shows the setup more.
Tator on his land area; closer in, shows Tator more.

Tator's plastron on 12/6/08.

Tator in his tank on 12/7/08.

Tator in his tank on 10/17/09.

I took this video on 2/13/10 to show Tator eating carrots which are one of his favorite things. I missed getting the video of him grabbing repeatedly at the carrot. This is the actual swallowing of the carrot.
Tator Eating a Carrot - 1138 KB, mpg movie

I took these photos on 2/20/10 to show Tator's 120 gallon right after a 100% cleaning. You can see Tator in the photos too.
120 gallon tank with Tator.
120 gallon tank with Tator.
120 gallon tank with Tator. This is a close- up of the right side of the tank with the plexiglass land area showing how he can swim underneath it.

120 gallon tank on 6/12/10 before I did a 100% cleaning and installed a UV sterilizer. The tank was overrun with suspended algae. You can still see Tator on the right though.

Tator on the ground on 7/3/10.

Tator basking, from 6/4/12:
Tator - look at those finger nails!

I installed a new UV system on 11/5/12. It is a Turbotwist.
UV sterilizer hanging on the right side of the tank
UV sterilizer viewed from the front of the tank

From 6/22/13:
Tator's tank and Tator
Tator - always in motion!

Tator in motion again on 9/21/13.

I took these photos on 1/3/15:
120 gallon tank with Tator.

120 gallon tank with Tator on 6/20/15.

From 9/19/15:
Tator basking funny.
Tator basking funny with eyes shut.

From 12/6/15:
Tator - swimming
Tator - waving
Tator - staring
Tator - staring some more
Tator and the entire tank

From 11/5/16:
Tator's tank

For more photos of hatchling turtles, see my baby turtle photo page.

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