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Miscellaneous Animals

Last Updated: 9/18/10

This page is for photos and quick information on various animals that do not fit anywhere else on my web site.



I took this photo of a pair of four-day-old African pygmy goats at a local petting zoo on 4/26/07. They were so cute that I had to put them somewhere!


In August of 2008, some animal started waking me up at 3 or 4 am every morning by running around in the walls. I assumed it was a mouse as we used to have that problem. But, after I set up the live mouse traps, I caught three shrews! Here was the last one on 8/24/08 in a container before I released it. I think it is a short-tailed shrew. That was not the animal (or the only one) waking me up as the racing around the walls continued after that. By the way, shrews are not rodents.



At the Maryland Zoo, on 8/19/10, I took a photo of my favorite animal there, the okapi. They are related to giraffes. I would learn on the news the next week that the female just died. I am not sure which of the two is the female but they had a pair of them.


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