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Last Updated: 3/5/12



Photos are listed from oldest to newest.

These photos were taken on 4/20/11.
Pigtopia - this shows the long side of the cage. It is a large size (four by two) that is two stories high.
Pigtopia - this shows the short side
Pigtopia - Tinkerbelle's loft where she can watch the pigs
Pigtopia - the upstairs area
Pigtopia - inside the side area (hideaway). There is a grass tunnel in there. Do you see Brownie?
Pigtopia - the ramp to go upstairs. Do you see Brownie?
Pigtopia - Brownie in the main downstairs area
Pigtopia - the area with the litter pan, water bottle, and hay rack
Pigtopia - the base of the ramp from inside
Pigtopia - the main downstairs area from inside. Do you see Brownie?
Pigtopia - showing how the main door works. Brownie can just be seen in this one too.
Pigtopia - showing how the bottom door works.
Pigtopia - showing the lock on the lid which I would later remove.
Pigtopia - close-up of the lock on the main door. It is cable tied on.
Brownie - a pig's eye view of Brownie
Pigtopia - the opening from the main area in to the side cage (hiding area)
Pigtopia - Tinkerbelle watching

These photos are from 2/23/12 after I added a third level to Pigtopia.
Pigtopia - looking down the third level through the plexiglass
Pigtopia - new ramp/landing on the third floor
Pigtopia - new upstairs with Avery
Pigtopia - entire cage, end view; Brownie is at the bottom
Pigtopia - entire cage, side view
Pigtopia - entire cage, end view

More new Pigtopia photos on 2/24/12:
Pigtopia - showing Tinkerbelle in the cat seat
Pigtopia - showing Tinkerbelle in the cat seat

From 2/28/12:
Pigtopia - entire cage, end view; you can see all three piggies
Pigtopia - entire cage, end view; you can see all three piggies


I made Pigtopia on 4/19/11. It is a C&C (cubes and coroplast) cage from this site. It took six hours. There is a main room (two by four panels; this was my rabbit Sweetie's old cage so I already had it), a ramp to an upstairs (two by two panels), and a side room (one by 3.5 panels). I am using mattress pads, piddle pads, and fleece on top for bedding. There are four houses, tons of toys, a litter pan, hay rock, food, and water bowls. There is an Ott-lite to provide light and some artificial UV radiation. When I get some time, I will add information here on the supplies, dimensions, and tactics used.

I added a third level to Pigtopia on 2/27/12. Another ramp goes from the second level up to a landing (one panel by one panel in size) and then down the length of the cage (one panel by 3.5 panels long). This increased the size of the cage from 15.5 square panels to 20 square panels or 22% larger. Each panel is a little over a foot wide. There are two doors on the third level which are drop down side panels (when released, they hang below). I cut the lid over the second level in half so it lifts in two sections. Thus, the light does not need to be moved twice a day. The first day, I put the guinea pigs on the third level as they did not want to go up there. They enjoyed their time up there with two new things to chew on but I had to manually put them back downstairs. Time will tell if they learn to love going up there so that then they can sliding board down two levels in a row! I installed support bars (metal wall-mount shelf supports) under the second and third floors to reduce saging. This Pigtopia upgrade took 4.5 hours to make. I had to cut and tape a lot of coroplast as well as doing a lot of structural work.

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