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Comments on Robyn's Rabbit Pages

Last Updated: 4/10/06

Positive Comments About My Rabbit Pages

"I'm so sorry that Loppy's gone. My thoughts are with you during this difficult time. Loppy looked like a really sweet and cuddly little bun. After looking at your web page, I'm convinced the world would be a better place with more people like you. A rose for Loppy. @}---}------- " - Roger, 1/10/98, the nicest e-mail I've ever gotten, in response to Loppy's death, the day before.

"I visited your website relating to rabbits....I thought it was wonderful. You provided a lot of useful information...." - Suzanne, 12/3/99.

"I just visited your rabbit page and found it extremely helpful!...Thanks a million for your help and for the fabulous website; I can't even imagine how many bunnies you've already helped with the great advice." - Susan, 6/30/00.

"...It is so nice of you to have put such an informative and interesting website on the internet. I am sure that you enjoyed doing it and gained knowledge through the experience, but I still think that it was quite a nice thing to do...." - Catherine, 11/13/00.

"...Your webpage is a lifesaver! I have read so much about my son's Netherland dwarf but I was so concerned to find Matthew 'pooping' in his food bowl. I have been trying to stop this practice, because I did not know that he actually needed to eat his feces. No other site that I have surfed contained this information. Thanks so much...." - Erika, 2/2/01.

"...I loved your website. Lots of great info. You were speaking about your Holland Lops...." - Giselle, 10/26/01.

"Your bunny information is fabulous...." - Windy, 11/20/01.

"Thanks for your web page on rabbits. I have found it most helpful...." - Jodi, 11/28/01.

"Thank you for an informative, clearly written site that doesn't try to make you feel stupid or incompetent for your babies being sick....I just wanted to let you know your site helped someone...." - Brenda, 1/6/02.

"...Your web page is very good. I also have a rabbit...." - Molly, 8/4/02.

"...I have been all over the web trying to get info on bunnies. I am planning on getting one in the future and I want to do as much research as possible. Your site has been very informative and helpful. Now I know what the pros and cons of bunny ownership will be. Thanks a lot...." - Shannon, 8/19/02.

"Hi, it was such a pleasure to read your website (on rabbits)...." - Liz, 8/29/02.

"Thanks so much for putting a web page 'out there....'" - Lori, 9/26/02.

"...I love your website and have a few questions...." - Taryn, 11/2/02.

"Hi Robyn. Your webpage is WONDERFUL! I own a Netherland Dwarf bunny named 'Snowball'...Thanks again for having such a great website. It has been a tremendous help to me...." - Leila, 3/10/03.

"Your web site was very informative, thank you very much...." - Joyel, 5/1/03.

"...I found your site on the internet, and I am finding it so helpful. Thank you very much for making it....Thanks again for the site, it really has helped us a lot!..." - Jenny, 7/22/03.

"Thank your for your rabbit advice! We are about to give our bunnies a bath for the first time. You answered all of the questions we had!..." - The Stevens Family; oops I left off the date.

"...Thanks for all of your help, and your web-site is very nice! :) I learned a lot of information!" - Salena, 9/8/04.

"...You have a great website...." - Bri & Carter, 9/17/04.

"...You've put together a great resource on rabbits. I was surprised to find that at the 'Fish Pond,' until I learned that the pond contains so much more than just fish!...Izzy is so adorable - - she's so lucky to have someone who is so loving of her and willing to do that extra that she needs!..." - Amy, 2/14/05. [This day was Izzy's birthday too; she was 8.]

"...Thank you so much for your website; you must be a very warm, generous, loving person to compile your life's knowledge and experiences into such a format to share with the whole wide world. I have enjoyed it and found it very helpful and will use it often in the future....Thanks again for such a great website." - Laurie, 2/26/05.

"I was just looking through your site and I just wanted to say thank you....I just wanted to say you helped me and thanks once again." - Karrie, 3/28/05.

"...Just wanted to let you know that you have a wonderful website pertaining to rabbits. Very informative. It was a great pleasure looking at all your babies...." - Rhonda, 9/13/05.

"...I enjoyed reading through your web page. You seem like a good person who, like me, sincerely love your pets. I read your rabbit stores, and was sad to hear how they died...." - Emily, 11/6/05.

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