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Fish and Aquarium Books

Last Updated: 6/18/07

General and Health Books
Fish Encyclopedias
Specific Fish Books
Breeding Books

I have the following books about fish and aquariums. There are many others available as well with a range of prices and qualities.

If you wish to buy something at Amazon that is not listed on my page, if you search here and enter Amazon through there, I get about 5% of your order to help support my web site and animals at no cost to you. Thanks!

General and Health

Book Information Link to Purchase
You and Your Aquarium by Dick Mills, Alfred A. Knopf, 1993. A great beginner's book.
The Manual of Fish Health by Dr. Chris Andrews, et. al., Tetra Press, 1988. Great book!
The Living Aquarium by Peter Hunnam, Grange Books, 1994.
The Optimum Aquarium by Kasper Horst and Horst Kipper, Aqua Documenta, 1985. This book, which I received from a book sale, may be out of print. It is one of the best books on a complete aquarium and its coverage on plant care is extraordinary.
Aquarium Fish by Marc Ladonne, Barnes & Noble Books, 1999. Translated from French with original date of 1996. This is a large hardcover coffee-table-type book. While there is not much information (it took a few hours to read), the pictures are gorgeous. I have never seen such small fish magnified so large with such detail.
A-Z of Tropical Fish Diseases and Health Problems by Peter Burgess,1999. I bought this book in June of 2007. I have not read it yet but it looks like a very useful book. It is kind of an encyclopedia of health issues (not just problems but things like breeding and color changes).

Fish Encyclopedias

Book Information Link to Purchase
Baensch Aquarium Atlas (there are three volumes plus a forth book that is used to search the first 3 books and 2 not yet published in English; I have all four) by Dr. Riehl and Hans Baensch, Mergus, 1994, 1993, 1996, and 1999. My favorite books, great photos, and tons of information on a lot of fish and plants! I cannot live without these!
The Encyclopedia of Freshwater Tropical Fishes by Dr. Herbert Axelrod, et. al., T.F.H. Publications, Inc., 1996. This is a good choice if you can only have one aquarium book.

Specific Fish

Book Information Link to Purchase
Goldfish and Koi in Your Home by Dr. Herbert Axelrod and W. Vorderwinkler, T.F.H. Publications, Inc., 1984.
Koi Varieties: Japanese Colored Carp-Nishikigoi by Dr. Herbert Axelrod, T.F.H. Publications, Inc., 1992. It has a zillion pictures of prize winning koi.
Freshwater Fishes of the Carolinas, Virginia, Maryland, & Delaware by Fred Rohde, et. al., The University of North Carolina Press, 1994.
North American Native Fishes for the Home Aquarium by David. M. Schleser, Barron's, 1998. A must-have for those interested in fish native to North America.
Characins, Aquarium Digest International #54, no year, Tetra Press. I have not read this one yet. No amazon link.
Catfish in the Aquarium by Dr. Carl Ferraris, Jr., Tetra Press, 1991. I have not read this one yet but I like the photos!
Labyrinth Fish: The Bubble Nest Builders by Horst Linke, Tetra Press, 1991. I have not read this one yet.


Book Information Link to Purchase
Breeding Aquarium Fishes: A Complete Introduction by Dr. Herbert Axelrod, T.F.H. Publications, Inc., 1987.
Aquarium Fish Breeding by Ines Scheurmann, Barron's Educational Series, Inc., 1990.
Aquariology: Fish Breeding and Genetics by various authors, Tetra Press, 1992. A short book of various genetic articles. I have not read this one yet.

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