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Robyn's Fishy Source Page

Last Updated: 2/20/19

Books - now on their own page

General and Health Books
Fish Encyclopedias
Specific Fish Books
Breeding Books



Web Sites

UK Residents' Catalogues

Note: As URL's (web site addresses) change all the time, there are at least nine sites below that no longer work. If you know where a particular site has moved, please let me know.


Freshwater Aquarium Google Group - not a regular newsgroup but since some of those below were taken over by mentally ill people, this is where you want to go for a pseudo-newsgroup now.



A free catalog from That Pet Place can be obtained by calling 1-888-THATPET. I used to get most of my dry goods from them due to the excellent prices.

Petsolutions recently sent me a catalog. They have many aquarium supplies. Their number is 1-800-737-3868 if you would like a catalog.

Additional Links

Links to Links:

Aquarium Links
More Aquarium Links
Freshwater Fish Directory
Fish Links
Bob Buettner's Freshwater Aquarium Links!
Aquarium Headquarters

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions):

Aquaria FAQ's
Aquaria FAQ's - information (FAQ's) on rec.aquaria newsgroups; your first aquarium (fresh and salt); aquatic plants; disease, algae, and snails; clubs, books, and mailorder; good and bad fish; fish breeding; filtration; live food; and tables and conversions
Rec.aquaria FAQ's - same info as above, different access?

Commercial, Group Run, and BIG Sites:

Fish Geeks - a fishy web page with a ton of information including care, breeding, links, etc.; formerly JAWS. Their banner follows.

Aquaria.Info Where your fish is #1!

Aquaria Central - a large site with lots of articles, including specific information about a few hundred individual species of fish
Aquahobby - Age of Aquariums, large aquarium web site.
WetNet - an on-line aquarium maintenance service
The Krib - oldest aquarium web site, large selection of old rec.aquaria postings with searching ability, etc.
Aquarium Fish Magazine On- Line
Fishbase - search for small amounts of information on hundreds of species of fish
The Singapore Aquatic Realm - large site with lots on information including tips and an article on Yamato shrimp
Fish Scales.com - big fish site including FAQ's, chat rooms, boardrooms, links, webring, etc.
Breeding Tropical Fish - large site on breeding fish
Not Catfish Site - a companion site to planet catfish but about other fish
AquariumFish.net - sell fish, some information too
Fishbreeding.com - fish breeding site that is more than half plagiarized from my web pages! Update 10/7/02: This site no longer works (yea!) and is on sale for $10,000! (any takers!).
Aquatics Warehouse Discussion Forum - based in the UK.
Wet Web Media - a large information site
AquaWeb Fish Resources
Fishtankstore.com - sell fish tank stuff
Aquamaniacs - a fish site with forums, quizzes, an e-zine, and more.
Fish Madness Forum
Aquatic Auctions.net
Aquarist-Classifieds.com - a UK-based aquarists' classifieds.
Rate My Fish Tank - Photos of aquariums for people to rate
Aqua-fish - aquarium database
Fishprofiles.com - fish profiles and more
The Aquarium Wiki - free aquarium encyclopedia
Aquarist Paradise - "A global community of aquarists"
Aquarium Consultants International - sells aquarium supplies and services and custom stuff; this was a link request; the site appears to be mostly empty as of 12/21/06.
Fishkeeper.com - fish forums and more (and a lot of SPAM-like ads/links)
Tropical Fish Expert - a UK site with fish articles

My Fish Box

Fish and Tips

For more breeding links, go to my breeding and fry care page.

General Fish Care and Miscellaneous Personal Sites:

Cathy's Homepage of Tropical Fishkeeping - this page has almost everything including breeding information
The Master Index of Freshwater Fishes
The Tropical Freshwater Fish Gallery - includes photos of a few dozen species of fish
Fred and Chantal's Aquarium - an excellent fish site, in French, includes pictures and information on white cloud mountain minnows, zebra danios, plecostomus, and otocinclus. As of 9/99, this site is gone. If anyone knows what happened to it, please e-mail me.
Badmans tropical fish - a very large fish site with lots of information, not "Bad."
Cataluna's Tropical Fish Page
Patrick Timlin's Aquaria Page - information on hard to find aquaria related topics and lots of links
Randy's Fishroom - lots of aquarium related stuff
1550 Fish - basic information on dozens of species of fish
Fish Page - a hobbyist's big fish site
Fish Web Site - another hobbyist's fish web site
The Tropical Fish Jungle - information on guppies, plants, fish compatibility, etc.
Fishy Fun - a general fish site that includes species profiles
Aquarium Photos - these are amazing aquarium photos of tanks full of plants and fish. These professional photos will take your breath away!
Aquarium-starter.com - a new site that Christine is working on.
Fish School - some fish were taught to do tricks.
Tropical Fish Aquarium
Death by Dyeing.org - a site on fish that are dyed
A World of Fish - "Great website with everything related to fish. Humor, Profiles, Aquarium setup, equipment, games, free software, and much more."
Tank Table - lists the most common sizes of tanks, their dimensions, and empty and full weights.
The First Tank Guide - setting up aquariums

Disky's Aquaria

Specific Fish:

North American Native Fishes Association
Native Fish Conservancy
Goldfish Page
Goldfish Page for Beginners - this page no longer works, anyone know the new address if it still exists?
Zebra Fish Book - care and breeding of zebra danios (for research)
Arowana Page - lots of information on arowanas and general links too
Planet Catfish - a UK catfish page with information on lots of catfish.
Nonindigenous Fish Information - includes information on non-native fish in the USA including European fish and fish common in the aquarium trade; not much information on certain species, but often photos or pictures.
American Killifish Association
Loaches On-Line

For many more links on these fish, click on their name and go to links on that page:
Algae Eaters (Siamese, false Siamese, Chinese, flying foxes, etc.), Bluntnose Minnows, Bristlenose Plecostomus, Cory Habrosus, Dawn Tetras, Fire Bar Danios, Glowlight Tetras, Goldfish, Guppies, Honey Gouramis, Koi, Mosquito Fish, Neon Tetras, Orangethroat Darters, Orfes, Otocinclus, Ozark Minnows, Panda Cories, Paradise Fish, Plecostomus (Common), Red Shiners, Rosy Barbs, Rosy Red Minnows and Fathead Minnows, Southern Redbelly Dace,White Cloud Mountain Minnows, Zebra Danios, Blue Danios, Leopard Danios, and Gold (Albino Zebra) Danios, North American Native Fish, and Miscellaneous Fish.

Web Rings:

Web rings are a long list of related sites. You can visit the Fishkeepers, Fish Page, Fish Scales, Breeding Tropical Fish, Native Fish, Tropical Fish Jungle, and Fancy Guppy web rings by going to my homepage.

Message Boards:

Bloody Jaws Message Board
Pet Fish Talk - a site to talk about fish


Also, visit the pages on specific fish for more links. The fish index lists the specific fish on which I have information. There are hundreds of links found with some on all of my pages so try to find a more specific page within my site.

Pond-related links can be found on my pond sources page.

Links on fish breeding can be found on my breeding and fry care page.

UK Residents' Catalogues

Since I live in the United States, all of the books, catalogs, and sites are those available here. In 1999, I picked up a copy of the aquarium magazine from the United Kingdom called Practical Fishkeeping. I must say I was VERY impressed. There were half a dozen articles on topics that I have been waiting to find information on and never can, like general breeding tips, corydoras catfish, pond topics, etc. It is an excellent magazine. For those of you in the UK who would like to contact them, you can ring them at 01858 435338. Some of the places in the UK that sell aquarium and pond related supplies and will provide free catalogues are listed below from the issue of this magazine that I bought.

Aquatics Direct, Congleton, aquarium and pond supplies and plants, ring 01260 275144.
JAVA, Cheshire, aquarium and pond supplies and plants, ring 01925 757531.
Ultimate Discount Aquatics, Fife, aquarium supplies, ring 01334 656699.
U.K. Aquatic Warehouse, aquarium and pond supplies, ring 01737 212777.
Aquacadabra, Kent, aquarium and pond supplies, ring 01322 351673.
Bradshaws Direct, York, aquarium and pond supplies, ring 01904 691169.

Sonja from Pet Mate, Ltd. in the UK provided the following additional contacts for fish and pond magazines in the UK on 1/10/01:
Aquarist and Pondkeeper, ring 01707 273999.
Koi Ponds and Gardens, ring 0117 9279009 (I thought a number was missing but I do not know what it is. Madeleine told me on 5/12/05 that she thought this was just a regular Bristol number.).
Koi Carp, official magazine of the British Koi Keepers Society, ring 01202 735090.

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