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Last Updated: 5/23/12

A male American toad (most likely) calling. Daniel sent me this great photo from his pond on 4/27/07.

Toad Species

Toad Care:

Toad Links, Photos, and Calls

My Toads - on this page

For books and more links on toads, go to my amphibian books and links page.

For a page that helps you identify what laid those eggs in your pond, see my pond egg identification page.

See my helping frogs and toads to overwinter section for a few ideas to help wild toads overwinter and for information on overwintering toads indoors.

My Toads

One of the very first animals in my 1800 gallon pond after it was created was the American toad. They were around quite a bit for the first few years of the pond. Then, there were fewer and fewer that I saw. They came back in 2004. On 3/20/12, I found a toad stuck in the net of the 1800 gallon pond and helped him out (and in to the water). I will try to keep a log of sightings here. Below are photos from the photo page of toads that have been on our land over the years.

I heard a toad in my big pond for the first time in years on 5/22/12.. It had been rainy. When I went to feed the fish their dinner, I saw the bullfrog and then noticed that a frog was on top of her except he was not a frog! A toad was amplexing the poor bullfrog. When she dove, the toad hung on.

Photos are listed from oldest to newest.

In April, hundreds of "toadpoles" swam around eating algae. Here is a photo of two mating toads (left arrow) and the strings of eggs all over the pots (right arrow), taken 5/22/97 when the pond was still new enough that the water was clear (note that it became crystal clear again in 1999!). This is a photo of lots of toad tadpoles swimming around and a green frog on the left (arrow), taken 4/12/98.

A female American toad sat at the threshold of my garage door on 6/21/00.

One-week-old toad tadpoles in my 153 gallon pond on 4/22/01.

Male American toad on land, 4/18/04.
Male American toad in my 153 gallon pond, 4/18/04, different male than the above male as they were both out at the same time, and the photos were taken minutes apart. This male was calling.

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