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Saltwater Aquariums

Last Updated: 8/8/14

A reef tank at the National Aquarium on 8/1/14. Click here for a larger version of the photo.

I have had many animals, freshwater aquariums, and ponds but never a saltwater aquarium. I just got a "12 gallon" (actually holds <9 gallons) nano cube deluxe tank. So, normally, I would provide tips and information to help others. In this case, I am more looking for your help! If you have tips to share, let me know. I would love to have someone right some articles for this section of my site on any topic related to saltwater aquariums but especially nano reefs. This section is not intended to advise others but just to share what I am doing, more like a blog about my first saltwater tank. So, I have started with these two pages. My time is now severely limited; if I had the time, I would make full pages on every future saltwater animal that I get but I doubt I can do that now that my work is so intense. I am sorry that this part of my site is not well organized due to zero time.

My Nano Reef Inventories:

My Nano Reef Blog

My 3 Gallon Saltwater Tank - emptied 8/6/08 in to a new 6 gallon nano cube

Reef Photos and Videos

Nano Reef and Saltwater Aquarium Books and Links

My Nano Reef Animals:

Marine Master Index - a list of all my marine pages

We went to the National Aquarium in Baltimore on 7/20/10. I took a lot of bad photos but here are a few good saltwater photos.

Button polyps (coral)
Coral reef
Bottlenose dolphin

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