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Photos of My 6 Gallon Nano Reef

Last Updated: 2/20/17

Go to the reef photos page to see more photos of my other reef and reef animals as well as videos.

My 6 gallon nano reef - inventory
My nano reef blog

Photos are listed from oldest to newest.

I set up the new 6 gallon tank on 8/9/08 and took these photos:

When I moved the 3 gallon animals to the 6 gallon, I found these two huge fireworms in the crushed coral substrate!
Two fireworms
Two fireworms

6 Gallon Tank - right after it was setup.

Tube Worm - on the dead clam. The white tube was laid down by the worm over time which is sticking out the end of the tube in this photo. I am not sure if it is the same as a feather duster but they tend to have very short tubes.

6 Gallon Tank on 8/12/08 after I put in a 4.5 pound live rock and a mushroom coral.

6 Gallon Tank on 8/15/08. Diatoms are starting to grow on the glass.

Since the light died on the tank, there was a month where nothing happened in the tank.

Bristleworm on the dead clam on 9/20/08.

Top view of the 6 gallon tank on 9/20/08. All you can see is the mushroom coral and layout. The photo is not of the entire top view, just over the main rock.

6 Gallon Tank on 10/4/08 after the new corals were added. See the coral page for a bunch of photos of the new corals that also show portions of the six gallon tank.

6 Gallon Tank on 10/11/08. Larry is at the bottom right of the photo.

6 Gallon Tank on 10/18/08.

6 Gallon Tank on 1/8/09.

When I took a photo of Fireman on 3/2/09, I did not know that I got this critter in the picture. I think it is an isopod.
Reef "Bug"

6 Gallon Tank on 4/11/09.

6 Gallon Tank on 9/13/09 - can you find Dip and Dot (two sexy shrimp), three of the four Astraea snails, and Fireman (clown goby)? I put in the new piece of star polyps cut from the other tank the day before. It is in the back left of the tank (the stuff that looks like grass).

Green star polyp arm - closer in view of the new piece of star polyps

6 Gallon Tank on 10/17/09

An Aiptasia showed up in this tank (or rather I first saw him) on 11/29/09. I killed it with "Aiptaisa Control" on 12/5/09. Here are some photos.
Aiptasia - 11/29/09.
Aiptasia - 12/4/09.
Aiptasia - 12/4/09.
Dot with the dead Aiptasia - 12/5/09.

Bristleworm in the 6 gallon tank on 1/26/10. It looks like he is coming out of a closed-up mushroom coral! You can also see the open green Ricordia mushroom coral with Dip, my male sexy shrimp sitting in it.

Aiptasia on 5/1/10. He is back!

Entire tank on 7/3/10. Lots of algae!

Aiptasia on 7/22/10.

Entire tank on 1/15/11. I had just cleaned it so the green star polyps are all closed. Note the nassarius snail at the top who comes out when I clean.

I finally got some good photos of Peppy, my peppermint shrimp, on 2/1/12! You can also see corals (zooanthids at the bottom right and spotted mushroom corals at the top of the photos) and Fireman, my clown goby, in one photo.
6 gallon tank - Peppy, algae, zooanthids, mushroom corals, coralline algae
6 gallon tank - Peppy, algae, zooanthids, mushroom corals, coralline algae
6 gallon tank - Peppy, algae, zooanthids, mushroom corals, coralline algae, Fireman
6 gallon tank - Peppy, algae, mushroom corals, coralline algae
6 gallon tank - Peppy, algae, zooanthids, mushroom corals, coralline algae
6 gallon tank - Peppy, algae, mushroom corals, coralline algae

I took these photos on 2/28/12 of the 6 gallon tank with the new zooanthids (in the middle of the first photo). You can also see one of the new astraea snails (first photo), the green star polyps, mushroom corals, pink hair algae, green button polyps (upper right), and sponges (the black slimey things on the live rock).

I took these photos on 5/10/12 when I did a total cleaning of this tank:

6 gallon tank before cleaning.
6 gallon tank before cleaning.
6 gallon tank before cleaning.
6 gallon tank - close-up of the green star polyps.
Scary in the live rock when I took it out.
Scary's exoskeleton - that I found in the tank during cleaning, with ruler.
Scary's exoskeleton - no flash, with ruler.
6 gallon tank empty (except for the green star polyps closed (purple) and hanging on the walls).

6 gallon tank on 5/12/12. You can see two astraea snails and the new brown zooanthids.

These photos from 8/11/12, show the Aiptasia anemones in the 6 gallon tank.
Aiptasia - two Aiptasia. One is just to the right of the green star polyps, right in the middle of the photo. The other is in the upper right of the photo, just below the green mushroom coral.

On 8/25/12, I found a tiny brittle star in my 6 gallon tank! It had five arms and was upset (came out) because I had applied calcium hydroxide to the Aiptasia in that area. I have not seen it before or since. It must be great at hiding!
Brittle star - farther away
Brittle star - close-up
Brittle star - close-up

6 gallon tank on 11/30/12.

6 gallon tank on 4/26/13.

6 gallon tank on 7/20/13, view from above.

6 gallon tank on 9/14/13.

From 8/2/14:
6 gallon tank - front view, note the peppermint shrimp.
6 gallon tank - view from above, note the same shrimp and lots of mushroom corals.

Both of my nano reef tanks have amphipods in them. They are like little shrimp. These crustaceans are usually small but, sometimes, like in the 6 gallon tank when there were no fish or shrimp, there will be some big females that carry eggs under their bellies (like brine shrimp). I took these photos of one of those on 2/13/16. It was in the waste water after cleaning, and I put it in a white cup for the photos.:
Amphipod - in its normal curled-up position
Amphipod - stretched out

6 gallon tank on 2/27/16.

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