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Comments and Stories Relevant to Robyn's Hatchling Turtle Page

Last Updated: 10/7/06

These comments refer to the hatchling turtle page.

Comments are listed from newest to oldest. If the comment is not edited (per their request), there may be incorrect spelling or grammar which does not reflect my ability to use proper English.

I, Robyn, do not necessarily agree with any facts or opinions stated in the comments. I may add a response in some cases but have not altered the comments.

Name: Torry
E-mail: Not given
Date: 9/10/06
Edited: Yes

"A couple of weeks ago, I looked out my front window and saw birds massacring some baby turtles. I have a 125 gallon pond out there, and I am thinking the babies were trying to get there but the birds found them first. All I could save were these two. One is so friendly and swims to me when I go near the pond; the other one will not let me really see it at all. I put mesh over the top of the pond so these little burgers are safe, I hope. They have stayed here for over 2 weeks and have really brought me joy this last part of summer. I plan on keeping them in a 20 gallon tank with the lighting and heater and basking area and next spring I will attempt to put them back in their home they found this summer. Thanks."

Note: The photo did not come through.

Name: Ipo
E-mail: ips@amscohi.com
Date: 9/7/06
Edited: Yes

"This here is Tuck. He's my newest addition to my turtle family. I just got him a few days ago, and I'm wondering if he's a red belly. The guy at the pet store said that he would be but I just want to double check."

Robyn's Response:
Tuck does not appear to have as red a belly as the red-bellied turtles that I have seen (such as this photo). The pattern is also off. I do not think he is one. If I could see the top of him, I could maybe guess as to what he is.

Name: Not given
E-mail: Withheld
Date: 10/2/06
Edited: Yes

"I found this baby turtle and have been trying to find out what type of turtle it is? I want to keep him but I want to make sure that it will be safe for him to stay indoors? I also need to know if he is aquatic? I have him in an 10 gallon glass fish tank with water around bottom and a huge log and rock for him to stay out of water, I also have been feeding him turtle pellets, I really want to do what's best for the turtle so I am hoping you can help me out? thanks Miss Lake."

Robyn's Response:
"Hi, you asked for a turtle identification in the notes on my site. As the page says, I will not answer questions posted into the comments. But, I'll answer anyway....I can't say for sure what species that the turtle is without seeing more close-up photos of the top, bottom, and side. It might be a box turtle. In that case, it's not aquatic and probably wouldn't be happy in your setup if that's what he is. Does he spend most of the time out of or in the water? Does he flounder in it? Box turtles and some aquatic turtles like mud turtles are pretty plain (no real color). Where was this turtle found (state and type of habitat)? If he's a box turtle, see http://www.fishpondinfo.com/turtles/box.htm for care information. If he's a plain sort of aquatic turtle, then see http://www.fishpondinfo.com/turtles/hatchling.htm. Good luck!


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