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Hatchling Turtles

Last Updated: 3/19/11

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A four-month-old common snapping turtle named Snappy on 2/12/03.

This page is a guide to caring for hatchling and baby freshwater aquatic turtles such as those listed on my turtle species page like painted turtles, sliders, and snappers for example.

This page was divided into/onto seven pages in early 2006.

Hatchling Turtle Index:

On the Baby Turtle Introduction Page:

On the Baby Care Page:

On this page:

On the Baby Turtle Photo Page:

On the Turtle Supply List Page:

On Snappy's Page (a common snapping turtle I had):

On Tator's Pages (a red-bellied turtle I have):

On the Turtle Pond Page:

On the Snapping Turtle Page:

If you have experience raising baby turtles and would like to add some information to this page, let me know! My e-mail is at the bottom of the page.

Baby Turtle Links

Taking Care of Baby Water Turtles

Raising Baby Turtles

Baby Turtle Pictures Gallery

I intended to add more links when I updated my turtle pages but I cannot find any links on baby turtle care! If you find one, let me know.

I have been asked where you can buy baby turtles. Before now, I have refused to reply but many people just "must" have a baby turtle no matter how they get it which is sad. There are two places that I know about (three more added later). I do not understand how they can operate legally as it is illegal to sell turtles under 4" in all of the USA. They say it is because the turtles are "adopted" but they charge money. I question the legalities and ethics. I have also heard bad stories about babies bought from the first place listed where the turtles were sick, listless, and/or dead. That, of course, may be the case with any mass-sold baby turtle operations and not unique to them. That site also stole a photo from my site that was sent to me in good faith from someone else who gave me alone permission to use it. I do NOT recommend that you order from these places but will provide the URL's. Instead, try to find a local turtle lover/breeder or adopt an older turtle from a rescue.

Turtlesale.com - this is the big seller of baby turtles in Florida that is plastered all over the ads on my site automatically by Google. This is the last place you should buy a turtle in the opinion of most turtle lovers.

Petbargainsdirect - I have not heard anything specifically about them.

Reptile City

Turtle Shack - another big seller of baby turtles with a bad reputation.

Turtles and Tortoises - turtle seller, more rare species.

A better option to find hatchling turtles is through an exchange with turtle hobbyists. While this is still illegal for turtles under 4", at least the turtles are usually better taken care of in most cases. Kingsnake.com is one such place. Here is a link to their turtle classifieds.

Captive Bred Turtles and Tortoises - a list of smaller breeders

Baby Turtle Videos:

Don took some videos of his baby turtles in the Fall of 2008.
Snapping Turtle Hatchling Video - Don had 50 baby snappers that he was raising!
Video of Western Painted Turtle Hatchlings - Don's baby turtles, Fall 2008.

Pet Link Banner Exchange:

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