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Mulching 2007

Last Updated: 4/16/10

Date What was mulched How many loads of mulch Mulch source Weather How long it took
4/11/07 Big pond from overflow to azalea 4 Pickup load #1 50 degrees F; cloudy but dry 3 hours
4/18/07 Big pond from azalea to brick patio 3 Pickup load #1 55 degrees F; cloudy but dry 2.5 hours
4/22/07 (Note - error here, words lost) Butterfly bush, maple, rose of Sharon, paw paw, purple smoke tree, dead butterfly bush (cage removed), and raspberries. 1 Bag from fall 2006 80 degrees F; sunny and hot 1.5 hours
4/29/07 Big pond from brick patio to electrical outlet. 2.5 Mix of pickup load #1 and 2 70 degrees F; nice but windy 2 hours
5/13/07 13 cages out front - one each yellow rain tree, rhododendron, gum tree, paw paw, willow/butterfly bush, azalea, crabapple, Bradford pear, pear, Washington hawthorne, Colorado blue spruce, weigela, and apple tree. 2 Mix of pickup load #1 and 2 70? degrees F; nice 1.5 hours
5/26/07 12 cages out front - double Japanese yellow rose, crabapple (mom says it's an ornamental plum), rosy summersweet, red bud, crape myrtle, flowering almond, lilac, unknown tree, crabapple, red currant, yellow rain tree, and horse chestnut. 3 Mix of pickup load #1 and 2 80 degrees F; humid 1.5 hours
5/26/07 Big pond from outlet to opening on the northeast corner. 2 Mix of pickup load #1 and 2 80 degrees F; humid 1.5 hours
6/10/07 4 cages out front - royal paulownia, two blueberries, currant; 4 cages/plants out back - crabapple, variegated forsythia, butterfly bush, and holly (sort of, not done) 2 Mix of pickup load #1 and 2 75 degrees F 1 hour
6/24/07 Around part of the pond (edge) from the old catnip location to the round brick stepping stones 1 Mix of pickup load #1 and 2 85 degrees F Less than 1 hour
7/1/07 4 cages out back - variegated willow bush, Leyland cypress (cut off dead top), unknown squat shrub with thorns, and mum 1 Mix of pickup load #1 and 2 80 degrees F Less than 1 hour
7/4/07 7 cages by the chicken pen - 5 unknown wild flowers and two bluebells; 2 cages out back - variegated wisteria and yellow rain tree; around the 1800 gallon pond from the lemon balm to the butterfly bush (3.5 loads of mulch); 2 cages - the offspring of the weeping cherry and the wisteria 5 Pickup load #3 (gotten 7/3/07) 70 to 80 degrees F; 100% humidity 3.5 hours
7/8/07 7 cages out back - butterfly bush, peach tree, new azalea, hazelnut, white cherry bush, inkberry holly, and Washington hawthorne 2 Pickup load #3 (gotten 7/3/07) 90 degrees F; 80% humidity 1 hour
7/15/07 Old rose garden by 153 gallon pond 2 Pickup load #3 (gotten 7/3/07) 90 degrees F; 60% humidity 1.5 hours
7/22/07 Five cages and one tree out back - mini rose way out back, 3 astilbe, holly tree, and the weigela and spirea that share a cage 1 Pickup load #3 (gotten 7/3/07) 80 degrees F Less than 1 hour
8/26/07 1 Leyland Cypress in the dog pen; 7 cages in the old garden - 1 unknown bush, 2 Canadian hemlocks, 1 cage of 3 baby trees (1 rain tree, 1 crab apple, 1 dogwood), 1 cage of 4 baby redbuds, 1 cage of 5 trees (2 crab apple, 2 Bradford pears, 1 regular dogwood?), and 1 pink dogwood; 6 cages in the graveyard - creeping ground cover, bluebells, wood poppy, hosta, azalea, and leriope. 2 Pickup load #3 (gotten 7/3/07) 85 degrees F 1.5 hours
9/4/07 10 trees in the tree garden - 1 each of Norway spruce, paw paw, white pine, holly, red cedar, mimosa, oak, rose of Sharon, weigela, and Bradford pear 2 Pickup load #3 (gotten 7/3/07) 85 degrees F 1.2 hours
10/7/07 One third of the back iris garden 1.5 Pickup load #3 (gotten 7/3/07) 88 degrees F 1 hour
10/14/07 Rest of back iris garden 2 Pickup load #3 (gotten 7/3/07) 66 degrees F 1.5 hours

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