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Robyn's Aquatic Pond Plant Index

Last Updated: 2/21/14

Here you can see five of my lilies blooming [from left to right: Chromatella (yellow), Comanche (orange/yellow), Fabiola (pink), Albata (white), and William Falconer (red)], non- blooming lotus (Perry's Giant Sunburst, yellow), some yellow snowflake, salvinia in the net at the bottom left, and a lot of marginals; taken July 1998. Other pictures with my pond plants can be found at my pond pictures page.

This is specifically about pond plants. A little bit of information on aquarium plants can be found at my aquarium plant page. Be sure to visit all 33 plant-related pages!

Aquatic Plant Index:

Aquatic Plant Sources and Links

Aquatic Plant Care

Pond Plant Pests

Aquatic Plant Information

Pond Marginals

Water Iris

Water Lilies and Lotus

Floating Plants

Submerged Plants

Overwintering Pond Plants

Aquatic Plant Lists

Other of Robyn's Pages with Pond Plant Information:

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