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Mulching 2013

Last Updated: 10/6/13

Date What was mulched How many loads of mulch Mulch source Weather How long it took
4/13/13 Big pond from overflow to azalea 8 ft3 4 bags 60 to 67 degrees F, breezy but nice 2 hours
4/15/13 9 cages out front - golden rain tree, pawpaw, crabapple, pear, Washington hawthorne, maple, butterfly bush, beech, and wild plum 8 ft3 4 bags 65 degrees F, but nice 1.5 hours
4/17/13 5 cages out far front - black raspberry, butterfly bush, another black raspberry, blackberry, and rose of Sharon 2 ft3 1 bag 70 degrees F, nice 30 minutes
4/20/13 Big pond from azalea to brick porch 6 ft3 3 bags 55 degrees F, windy 2 hours, 15 minutes
4/28/13 Big pond from brick porch to outlet 6 ft3 3 bags 68 degrees F, cloudy, windy 2 hours, 10 minutes
5/10/13 Transplanted Chinese chestnut 0.5 ft3 0.25 bags 84 degrees F, hot 10 minutes
5/25/13 13 plants out far front - Ellen butterfly bush, Kwanzan cherry (cage removed), two bunches of wild phlox (one cage removed), raspberry in the weeds, pawpaw (cage removed), mimosa (baby transplanted from under the pawpaw), big pawpaw, smoke tree, native plum, raspberry (probably dead but did anyway), apple tree, weigela, Bradford pear 8 ft3 4 bags 60 degrees F, windy but nice 2 hours
5/26/13 Walkway between house and pond 2 ft3 1 bag 65 degrees F 20 minutes
5/28/13 Garden along the west side of the house (half of it) 6 ft3 3 bags 74 degrees F, humid 1 hour, 40 minutes
7/4/13 18 plants out middle front, side, and front - azalea, turtle head with milkweed, gum tree, double yellow Japanese rose, mountain laurel, purple butterfly bush, ornamental plum, rosy summersweet, white butterfly bush (cage removed), Scotch broom, service berry (cage removed), red bud, hardy fig tree (cage removed), rose bush, crepe myrtle, flowering almond, persimmon, and crabapple 10 ft3 5 bags 80 degrees F, 100% humidity 2 hours, 21 minutes
8/6/13 7 cages out front and 18 plants (some caged) out back - out front = lilac, red currant, blueberry, other red currant, golden rain tree, horse chestnut (buckeye?), royal paulownia - out back = Kwanzan cherry, red maple, crabapple, Lily-of-the-valley shrub (Pieris Japonica), sour cherry tree, big flowering perennial by the dead mimosa, fringe tree, evergreen bush (mom bought it, not sure of the name), huge Leyland cypress, mulberry, variegated forsythia (which has lost the variegation), Washington hawthorne, holly tree, butterfly bush, golden rain tree by rabbit hutch, wild hydrangea, two bleeding hearts 12 ft3 6 bags 70 degrees F, actively raining 2 hours, 48 minutes
9/2/13 Small area next to the west side of the house 4 ft3 2 bags 90 degrees F, oppressive 2 hours
10/6/13 Eight plants/cages out back - two big elderberries and baby elderberries around them, horse chestnut, butterfly bush, variegated willow, peach tree, azalea, and half of some unknown evergreen shrub 6 ft3 3 bags 85 degrees F, hot! 1 hour, 20 minutes

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