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Mulching 2014

Last Updated: 4/12/15

Date What was mulched How many loads of mulch Mulch source Weather How long it took
4/10/14 Big pond from overflow to brick area 12 ft3 6 bags (a bag short, not available) 63 up to 70 degrees F, breezy but nice, sunny 2 hours, 53 minutes
4/10/14 Four plants out front - service berry, redbud, fig tree, crepe mrytle 2 ft3 1 bag (from 2013, a little moldy) 70 degrees F, breezy but nice, sunny 10 minutes
4/13/14 Rest of big pond area done on 4/10/14 2 ft3 1 bag 80 degrees F, hot 15 minutes
4/13/14 Wisteria garden including wisteria (cage off, new trellis), cherry tree, Hercules club (prickly ash, cage removed), and two chokeberry bushes 6 ft3 3 bags 82 degrees F, hot 1 hour, 19 minutes
4/17/14 Spots at big pond and wisteria garden that I missed 1 ft3 0.5 bags 50 degrees F, nice 10 minutes
4/17/14 Big pond from brick area to outlet 9 ft3 4.5 bags 50 degrees F, nice 3 hours, 15 minutes
4/24/14 About 1/4 of the yucca garden where the rose bush died 1 ft3 0.5 bags 60 degrees F, windy, nice but hot sun 10 minutes
4/24/14 Big pond from outlet to path on the north side 5 ft3 2.5 bags 60 degrees F, windy, nice but hot sun 1 hour
4/27/14 5 plants out back = new rhododendron (strange conifer bush and azalea died in back iris garden), Kwanzan cherry, red maple, Washington hawthorne, and holly tree 2 ft3 1 bag 64 degrees F, warm 20 minutes
5/4/14 Peony garden section where the butterfly bush died; I planted a new tree peony too and removed the cages from another tree peony and the two herbaceous peonies (tired of the bittersweet vine, hope the deer do not eat them!) 2 ft3 1 bag 70 degrees F 1 hour
5/8/14 16 plants out front = maple tree, butterfly bush, beech tree, Ellen butterfly bush, Kwanzan cherry, wild phlox, two blackberries, wild plum, yellow butterfly bush, blackberry, little mimosa, two pawpaws, rose of Sharon, and purple smoke tree 8 ft3 4 bags 62 to 70 degrees F, 100% humidity, warm 1 hour, 35 minutes
5/8/14 Big pond from the path on the north side that goes to the biofilter to the path on the north side that goes up to the pond (I reset three stepping stones and put in a mini retaining wall after I dug up a huge anthill) 4 ft3 2 bags 72 to 78 degrees F, 100% humidity, hot 1 hour, 30 minutes
5/11/14 Big pond patchy mulching of the west side with new butterfly bush 1 ft3 0.5 bags Not recorded Not recorded
5/18/14 8 plants out back = hydrangea (had died to the ground), Lily-of-the-valley shrub, evergreen bush (had died to the ground), new Arborvitae tree in memory of my mother, fringe tree, unknown perennial plant, and orange blossom bush (an entire bag; cut a lot of weeds from it) 5 ft3 2.5 bags 65 degrees F, perfect 1 hour, 7 minutes
5/26/14 Three new plants out front - quince, Colorado blue spruce, and bush cherry 2 ft3 1 bag 70-75 degrees F, hot An hour but included planting, mulching, weeding, etc.
5/26/14 Three plants out back - new bush cherry, new German iris (in back iris garden), old half dead unknown evergreen 2 ft3 1 bag 80 degrees F, hot 20 minutes
6/1/14 Nine plants in the tree garden (it has been two years since they were touched!) - pawpaw (cage off), little pawpaw, holly, white pine, holly, mimosa, rose of Sharon, weigela, and Bradford pear 4 ft3 2 bags 76 degrees F, nice 40 minutes
6/15/14 Big pond from the path on the north side that goes up to the pond to the new butterfly bush (I weeded more than I had mulch for) 8 ft3 4 bags 78 degrees F, warm but nice 2 hours, 17 minutes
6/29/14 Rest of the already weeded area from 6/15/14 4 ft3 2 bags 83 degrees F, warm 22 minutes
6/29/14 Three plants out front - wild plum (newer one), apple tree, weigela, and just about a third on the pear tree 2 ft3 1 bag 83 degrees F, warm 17 minutes
7/4/14 Five plants out front - the rest of the pear tree, Washington hawthorne, Bradford pear, crab apple, and pawpaw 2 ft3 1 bag 74 degrees F, wet but nice 35 minutes
7/27/14 Four plants out back - golden rain tree, wild hydrangea, peach tree, and half of the Leyland cypress 2 ft3 1 bag 82 degrees F, humid, hot 25 minutes
8/17/14 The big pond area farthest from where I start (hit or miss) and the beauty berry bush which I caged as the deer have been eating it 2 ft3 1 bag 82 degrees F, hot 45 minutes
9/7/14 Five plants out front - gum tree, Japanese rose, mountain laurel, butterfly bush, and ornamental plum 2 ft3 1 bag 76 degrees F, nice 56 minutes but the wheelbarrow tire went flat
9/28/14 The big pond, just a foot out around the western edge before the full net went on 2 ft3 1 bag 80 degrees F, warm 20 minutes
10/5/14 Three new herbaceous peonies 1 ft3 1/2 bag 60 degrees F, cold 10 minutes
10/12/14 Big pond, west side near overflow 1 ft3 1/2 bag 60 degrees F, nice 10 minutes

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