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Mulching 2015

Last Updated: 4/6/16

Date What was mulched How many loads of mulch Mulch source Weather How long it took
4/12/15 Big pond from overflow to not very far! 3 ft3 1 bag (bags this year are 3 cubic feet instead of 2) 70 degrees F, perfect 50 minutes
4/15/15 Big pond from above to brick area 10.5 ft3 3.5 bags 54 degrees F, nice 1 hour, 48 minutes
4/15/15 Yucca garden (near pond) 4.5 ft3 1.5 bags 65 degrees F, nice 53 minutes
4/19/15 New Fothergilla m. "Mt. Airy" bush out front 0.5 ft3 0.25 bag (old bag) 60 degrees F, nice 15 minutes
4/22/15 22 Plants/cages out front (plus 3 noted dead) - maple tree (barely alive), butterfly bush, beech, dead Kwanzan (not mulched but noting it is dead), Ellen butterfly bush, wild phlox, blackberry, black raspberry, wild plum, quince, raspberry in the front weeds, dead mimosa (not mulched, cage removed), dead yellow butterfly bush (not mulched), blackberry on the left side of the road (cage removed as most of the stickers are outside the cage anyway), pawpaw, rose of Sharon, pawpaw, purple smoke tree, wild plum, apple, weigela, Washington hawthorne, pear, Bradford pear, and crabapple 15 ft3 5 bags 62 degrees F to start, ended at 70 degrees F, windy 2 hours, 25 minutes
4/22/15 Big pond garden - area on the house side, in the middle (weeded elsewhere but only got mulch down there because of storm and rain) 3 ft3 1 bag 70 degrees F to start, then stormed and went inside for 43 minutes, and then it was 54 degrees F! 1 hour, 31 minutes
4/26/15 Big pond garden - from the brick patio to half way to the outlet plus some of the middle section and some of the area right next to the house (half bag there) 6 ft3 2 bags 62 degrees F and windy 1 hour, 12 minutes
5/3/15 Big pond garden - from where I left off to the outlet plus more of the garden along the house 6 ft3 2 bags 80 degrees F, hot 1 hour, 13 minutes
5/10/15 In back iris garden - the weigela and service berry (both cages removed) 3 ft3 1 bag 83 degrees F, 100% humidity, hot 41 minutes
5/25/15 Garden on the west side of the house (what was yet to be done), joining the big pond garden, desodded an additional 10 square feet or so and mulched it up 6 ft3 2 bags 80 degrees F, hot 1 hour, 7 minutes
6/28/15 Two roses in back rose garden (one is new yellow one and old pink one); put down some weed barrier around them. 3 ft3 1 bag 75 degrees F, nice 47 minutes
7/12/15 5 plants out front - service berry, redbud, fig tree (came back again), crepe mrytle, and flowering almond. 3 ft3 1 bag 85 degrees F, hot 35 minutes
8/9/15 Front bed that used to have iris but just has a few pathetic daylilies now and a lilac plus the rose bush in front of it that is in bad shape too. 6 ft3 2 bags 83 degrees F, 70% humidity, hot 1 hour and 28 minutes
8/23/15 10 plants out back (yep, never finished out front) - crabapple, Lily-of-the-valley shrub, fringe tree, mom's Arborvitae, Kwanzan cherry, red maple, sour cherry, Washington hawthorne, holly tree, and mulberry tree 6 ft3 2 bags 80 degrees F, not too bad 1 hour, 20 minutes
9/13/15 5 plants out front - baby ornamental plum, mountain laurel, pawpaw (smallest), azalea, and gum tree 2.25 ft3 0.75 bags 70 degrees F, breezy, perfect (ran out of time) 50 minutes
9/20/15 8 plants - out front - persimmon, crabapple (looked dead but still green when broke branch), cage removed on dead blueberry, two red currants, cage removed on dead yellow rain tree, chestnut (buckeye?), royal paulownia - out back - variegated forsythia and variegated willow 3.75 ft3 1.25 bags 74 degrees F, nice 1 hour, 6 minutes
11/26/15 (yes, Thanksgiving Day) Big pond garden - from the outlet to the north end (the pond area is thus one half done for this year) 6 ft3 2 bags 56 degrees F, nice 1 hour, 30 minutes

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