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Mulching 2017

Last Updated: 9/3/17

Date What was mulched How many loads of mulch Mulch source Weather How long it took
3/5/17 Side garden (west side of the house) from about a foot from the front porch to the heat pump 6 ft3 2 bags from 2016 38 degrees F 53 minutes
4/10/17 Big pond from overflow to azalea 9 ft3 3 bags from 2016 80 degrees F, hot!! 1 hour and 50 minutes
4/10/17 Pieris Japonica 0.5 ft3 Just a little bit of a bag from 2016 80 degrees F, hot!! 5 minutes
4/24/17 Big pond from azalea to brick area 10.5 ft3 3.5 bags 55 degrees F, misty 2 hours and 40 minutes
4/24/17 Plants out back - mini rose, three astilbe 1.5 ft3 A bit more than 0.5 bags 55 degrees F, misty 17 minutes
4/24/17 Plants in and near the pet graveyard - white bleeding heart, red bleeding heart, unknown variegated perennial, another unknown perennial that gets white flowers, hosta was dead (cage removed), pink azalea, liriope was dead (cage removed), peach tree was dead (cage removed), golden rain tree 3 ft3 1 bag 55 degrees F, misty 38 minutes
5/1/17 Big pond from brick area to outlet 9 ft3 3 bags 76 degrees F, cloudy alternating with hot sun ~4 hours but workmen were here (pulled well pump, installing a pathway)
5/1/17 Plants in the old garden - unknown evergreen, pink dogwood, and three sets of ~12 mixed trees (cages removed because some of the trees are tall; species include rain trees, crabapples, Bradford pears, but mostly redbuds) 3 ft3 1 bag 76 degrees F, cloudy alternating with hot sun ~1 hour but workmen were here
5/21/17 Big pond from outlet to part of the way to the north side 3 ft3 1 bag 66 degrees F, nice! 52 minutes
5/29/17 Big pond continued from 5/21/17 above 3 ft3 1 bag 70 degrees F? 55 minutes
6/4/17 3 Plants in the old garden and 2 out back (back iris garden) - two osage oranges (put on bigger cages), Canadian hemlock, spice bush, and inkberry holly 3 ft3 1 bag 85 degrees F, hot 45 minutes
7/16/17 12 Plants - out front: Service berry, redbud, fig tree, Fothergilla m. "Mt. Airy;" by the chicken pen - mountain laurel, two variegated Solomon's seal; out back - Kwanzan cherry, dwarf red maple, crabapple, sour cherry, and mom's Arborvitae 6 ft3 2 bags 85 degrees F but not bad 1 hour, 22 minutes
9/3/17 New garden by the pool deck 3.75 ft3 1.25 bags 74 degrees F 1 hour, 20 minutes
9/3/17 1 Plant out back - big Leyland cypress 2.25 ft3 0.75 bags 74 degrees F 5 minutes

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