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Mulching 2018

Last Updated: 10/1/18

Date What was mulched How many loads of mulch Mulch source Weather How long it took
2/25/18 Big pond around the new pond outlet 3 ft3 1 bag from 2017 50 degrees F 10 minutes
4/9/18 Spirea out front N/A 1.5 wheel barrows full of mulch tree guys dumped 40 degrees F 27 minutes
4/9/18 Walkway by 20/50/153 ponds 2 ft3 2/3 bag from 2017 40 degrees F 44 minutes
4/9/18 Big pond from outlet to black edging 10 ft3 3 & 1/3 bags from 2017 40 degrees F, flurries 2 hours, 11 minutes
4/15/18 6 plants out back - sour cherry, Kwanzan cherry, crabapple, mom's arborvitae, dwarf red maple, and fringe tree 3 ft3 1 bags from 2018 45 degrees F, windy, drizzle 29 minutes
4/15/18 Wisteria/Weeping Cherry/Hercules Club Garden 15 ft3 5 bags from 2018 45 degrees F, windy, drizzle 1 hour, 56 minutes
4/23/18 New dwarf peach tree - Prunus persica "Reliance" N/A 3/4 wheel barrow full of mulch tree guys dumped 65 degrees F, superb 20 minutes (with planting)
4/30/18 New plants including provence lavendar, red ace potentilla (Potentilla fructicosa 'Red Ace'), zebra iris (Iris pallida 'Abovarigata'), magnolia loebreri 'Leonard Messel,' Bears breeches, blue heron corydalis, quince, and silver lace vine - some within gardens and some stand alone; also most of the yucca garden 6 ft3 2 bags from 2018 65 degrees F, windy ~30 minutes
6/3/18 Schip cherry laurel (Prunus laurocerasus 'Schipkaensis') and Variegated Jacob's Ladder (Polemonium Brise D'Anjou) N/A No time to mulch! Just planted it! Pouring rain Who knows?
7/15/18 Cherry Laurel above and a transplanted mimosa both below the big pond 3 ft3 1/2 bag from 2018 80 degrees F 10 minutes
9/30/18 Solomon's seal and other plants replanted by the chicken pen, mountain laurel, and transplanted holly tree 6 ft3 1 bag from 2018 70 degrees F ~20 minutes

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