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Mulching 2019

Last Updated: 10/30/19

Date What was mulched How many loads of mulch Mulch source Weather How long it took
4/15/19 Big pond from the overflow to the brick patio 17 ft3 1 and 2/3 3ft3 bags and 6 2ft3 bags 52 degrees F, winds 20-50 mph, pure hell ~4 hours
4/27/19 New obsidian coral bells 2/5 ft3 1/5 of a 2ft3 bag 64 degrees F 10 minutes
5/5/19 New Pink Turtlehead 'Hot Lips' by pond waterfall 2/5 ft3 1/5 of a 2ft3 bag 60 degrees F, raining 10 minutes
6/30/19 Yucca garden - weed pulling only, not complete 0 ft3 No time for bags 86 degrees F, sunny, windy, hot 25 minutes
7/4/19 Yucca garden 8 ft3 4 2ft3 bags 84-86 degrees F, hot 38 minutes
8/25/19 Back iris garden - push mowed, pulled weeds 0 ft3 0 bags 74 degrees F, nice 54 minutes
9/2/19 Out front - Scotch broom, quince, wild plum; out back - pink raspberry, black eyed Susan, sweet shrub, and Pieris japonica 4 ft3 2 2ft3 bags 75 to 80 degrees F 1 hour, 46 minutes
9/15/19 New "fragrant cloud honeysuckle" off the front porch and new "early amethyst Japanese beautyberry" in the back iris garden N/A Just a few handfuls Not recorded Not recorded
10/28/19 Out back little garden by swing with some kind of cherry bush, a herbaceous peony, and iris 4 ft3 2 2ft3 bags (chewed up by groundhog) 54 degrees F 1 hour, 31 minutes
10/28/19 Three plants - mountain laurel and skimmia bush by chicken pen and fig tree out front; also removed cage from dead baby ornamental plum tree 2 ft3 1 2ft3 bag (opened) 60 degrees F 34 minutes

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