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Mulching 2020

Last Updated: 11/30/20

Date What was mulched How many loads of mulch Mulch source Weather How long it took
4/12/20 Two new bushes planted 3/29/20 - one currant and one gooseberry 0.4 ft3 2019 2 ft3 bag from 2019 10 minutes
4/12/20 Big pond from the brick patio to outlet - closest to pond 5.6 ft3 3 2ft3 bags (minus above) from 2019 68 degrees F, cloudy 2 hours, 20 minutes
4/19/20 Cages/tree masses in old garden - unknown evergreen, pink dogwood (not sucker trees), 4 Bradford pears, 5 redbuds, mass of trees (1 redbud, 1 golden rain tree, 2 crabapples) 3 ft3 1 3ft3 bag from 2018 60 degrees F 40 minutes
4/20/20 Big pond from the brick patio to outlet - other part by walkway 8 ft3 4 2ft3 bags from 2020 52 degrees F, cloudy 2.5 hours
4/22/20 Garden by pool deck (also had to build up dirt around new wall) 4 ft3 2 2ft3 bag from 2020 45 degrees F 1 hour, 20 minutes
4/23/20 Garden by pool deck 2 ft3 1 2ft3 bag from 2020 Did not record temperature 20 minutes
4/29/20 Along west side of house from yucca garden to heat pump 8 ft3 4 2ft3 bags from 2020 48 degrees F, dry, no wind 1 hour, 41 minutes
5/13/20 Three bushes out middle back - Variegated forsythia, butterfly bush, and spirea 2 ft3 1 2ft3 bag from 2020 52 to 56 degrees F 50 minutes
5/18/20 Bridal wreathe spirea with mulberry tree 2 ft3 1 2ft3 bag from 2020 60 degrees F, cloudy 1 hour
7/13/20 Ken Janek pink rhododendron and Delaware Valley white azalea out where the bee hives used to be, male and female Skimmia japonica (new) and mountain laurel (old) by chicken pen 3 ft3 1.5 2ft3 bag from 2020 84 degrees F 30 minutes
8/15/20 Chaste tree by pool 1 ft3 1/2 2ft3 bag from 2020 74 degrees F, 100% humidity 10 minutes
8/30/20 Half under basement windows by brother; half on spice bush in back iris garden (worked on that garden some) 2 ft3 1 2ft3 bag from 2020 76 degrees F, nice 40 minutes
11/22/20 Four new peonies, 1 iris, Leyland cypress by swing set 1 ft3 1/2 2ft3 bag from 2020 55 degrees F, cloudy 20 minutes
11/26/20 Five plants out front right - Butterfly bush, newly transplanted baby butterfly bush, maple, sumac tree (recently transplanted), and beech 2 ft3 1 2ft3 bag from 2020 64 degrees F, nice, Thanksgiving alone 30 minutes
11/27/20 Front daylily (formerly iris) garden in walk-in cage 6 ft3 3 2ft3 bag from 2019 57 degrees F 1 hour, 25 minutes

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