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Mulching 2023

Last Updated: 5/15/23

Date What was mulched How many loads of mulch Mulch source Weather How long it took
4/3/23 Back iris garden 4.2 ft3 5 2023 1.5 ft3 bags 65 degrees F 3 hours and 9 minutes; only mulched about 25% of it!
4/3/23 Bleeding heart 0.8 ft3 Part of 2023 1.5 ft3 bag above 65 degrees F 5 minutes
4/10/23 Back iris garden 3 ft3 2 2023 1.5 ft3 bags 63 degrees F 36 minutes; only mulched about 10% of it.
4/17/23 Back iris garden 3 ft3 2 2023 1.5 ft3 bags 64 degrees F, breezy but otherwise nice 48 minutes; only mulched about 10% of it.
4/24/23 Back iris garden 7.5 ft3 3 2023 1.5 ft3 bags, 1.5 2023 2 ft3 bags 53 degrees F, nice 2 hour and 16 minutes; only mulched about 20% of it.
5/14/23 Back iris garden 0 ft3 No mulch, just weed 74 degrees F, warm 20 minutes
5/15/23 Back iris garden 5 ft3 2.5 2023 2 ft3 bags 74 degrees F, warm 27 minutes; finally finished it!

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