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Aquarium Plant Books and Links

Last Updated: 10/24/07

Plant Books
Plant Catalogs
Plant Links
These books and links pertain to aquarium plants. For pond plants, see the pond plant sources page.

Plant Books

The best book for plants and their relation to the entire aquarium is Optimum Aquarium by Kasper Horst and Horst Kipper, Aqua Documenta, 1985. This book, which I received from a book sale, is out of print. You may be able to get this book at used book stores or at amazon.com on rare occasions. I have seen it sold used for nearly $100!

A more recent aquarium plant book that I have purchased is The Book of Water Plants by the van der Velde Waterplanten bv in the Netherlands, 1998. It is sold by Jungle. The book has almost no information but hundreds of photos. Many of the common names are not those used here in the USA. For example, they call anacharis by waterpest, water lettuce becomes watersalad, and water hyacinth becomes water hysant. For what it is, this is a nice little book.

Here are some aquarium plant books that I found on Amazon.com:

Plant Catalogs

Drs. Foster & Smith has a large catalog which sells plant foods, Flourish, carbon dioxide systems and more which you can obtain by calling 1-800-826-7206. Their company, Live Aquaria, sells live aquarium plants. Their links are below.

Drs. Foster & Smith - The Trusted Name  for Aquarium Products

LiveAquaria.com: The Trusted Source for Aquarium Pl ants

Plant Links

If you cannot find what you are looking for on my page, you can search the internet:


If you want REAL advise on keeping aquarium plants, visit the sites below!

These links were last checked on 4/21/06. Links that did not work were removed, or their archived versions were used.

The Aquatic Gardeners Association - the only aquatic plant journal in English; plant links, books, and meetings

The Tropica Plants Page - the site to check out for aquarium plants

Steve's Aquatic Plant Resource Page - this is an archived version as it no longer exists.

The CassiDietsch Zoo: Algae Control - information on controlling algae in a planted tank. This is an archived version.

Plant Search Engine

Bob Buettner's Freshwater Aquarium Links! - huge list of plant web sites including sites with information and places to buy live plants and supplies!

Aquariumplant.com - sell live aquarium plants on-line. I have never used them so I cannot give an opinion.

Freshwater Aquarium Plants - sell live aquarium and pond plants and some tank and pond stuff.

Chuck's Planted Aquarium Pages - these include his downloadable Planted Aquarium Calculator.

Aquarium Plant Supplies from Dave Gomberg - some information and also sells some plant supplies including some chemicals that are hard to find

Aquatic Plants Mailing List

Hoa G. Nguyen's low-cost/low-tech Freshwater Planted Aquarium - includes do-it-yourself projects for carbon dioxide production and more

Tropica Aquarium Plants

Plant Chemical Store - this is a very small business that sells chemicals and fertilizers for planted tanks.

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