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Tropical Plant List

Last Updated: 4/12/06

Tropical Plants (Zone 8+)

Before reading this list, see the key, how to use this list, and how to contact the nurseries that are listed by visiting my plant list page.

For general information on tropical marginals, floaters, and submerged plants, visit my plant list page.

I have not included depth, height, zone, sun, color, or price information for these tropical plants because I buy few of them and also due to the amount of time it would entail. If you have a specific question about one particular plant, I can look it up for you.

Note that the Paradise Water Gardens catalog has many hundreds of tropical plants that I simply cannot take the time to enter onto this list. You can call them at 1-800-955-0161 for a free catalog.

Look up multiword plants by the main word or alternate names (for example, the floating plant Salvinia is under Velvet, Water or Salvinia). Use the search option in Netscape to look up by scientific name. You can also search all of my web pages from my search page.

See the floating plant page for more information on floating tropical plants.

See the waterlilies page for information on tropical water lilies.

This list is very short and incomplete simply because I do not have the time to do all the work! I am sorry. I have not kept as many tropicals as hardy plants.

Tropical Plants

Common Name Latin Name Type Did or do I have this plant?
Aeschynomene Aeschynomene fluitans marginal (looks like Neptunia or sensitive plant No
Amarylis, Water Amarylis spp. marginal No
Ambulia Limnophila hetrophilla submerged No
Arrowhead, Ruby Eye (Aztec) Sagittaria montevidensis marginal Yes
Azolla or Fairy Moss Azolla caroliniana floating Yes, some survives winter here in Zone 6/7
Bacopa, Moneri Bacopa moneri submerged No
Bacopa, Variegated Bacopa lenagera submerged No
Blue Bells Ruellia squarrosa and similar species marginal Yes
Canna, Water Thalia divaricata marginal Yes
Canna, various colors Canna flaccida marginal No
Canna, variegated Canna americanallis variegata marginal No
Cristatum Nymphoides cristatum marginal/floating No
Geminata Nymphoides geminata marginal/floating No
Grass, Star Dichromena colorata marginal No
Hibiscus, Water Pink Hibiscus grandiflorus marginal Yes, flowered once
Hibiscus, Water Red Hibiscus coccineus marginal No
Hyacinth, Water Eichornia crassipes floating Yes
Indica Nyphoides indica marginal/floating No
Lettuce, Water Pistia stratoides floating Yes
Lily, Banana Nyphoides aquatica marginal No
Lily, Bog Crinum americanum marginal No
Lily, California Gold Calla Zantedeschia 'Elliottiana' marginal No
Lily, Calla Zantedeschia aesthopica marginal No
Lily, Lavendar Calla Zantedeschia 'Gem' marginal No
Lily, Pink Calla Zantedeschia 'Rehmannii' marginal No
Lily, Spider Humenocalis liriosome marginal No
Lily, Spider Variegated Humenocalis liriosome marginal No
Lily, Spider Variegated Hymenocalis caribaea variegata (or H. caribe variegata?) marginal No
Lily, Spotted Calla Zantedeschia albomaculata marginal No
Ludwegia, Red Ludwegia spp. (L. perennis?) submerged Yes
Marble Queen Echinodorus cordifolius 'Marble Queen' marginal No
Mosiac Plant Ludwigia sediodes marginal/floating Yes
Nitella Nitella floating grass like mass Yes
Palm, Umbrella Cyperus alternifolius marginal No
Palm, Umbrella Dwarf Cyperus alternifolius gracilis marginal No
Palm, ? (? papyrus maybe) Cyperus angustifolius marginal No
Papyrus, Dwarf Cyperus isocladus (formerly Cyperus haspans) marginal Yes
Papyrus, Giant or Egyptian Cyperus papyrus marginal Yes
Papyrus, Giant Cyperus gigantea marginal from Mexico No
Poppy, Venezuelan Hydrocleys nymphoides 'V.P.' marginal No
Poppy, Water Hydrocleys commersonii marginal Yes
Poppy, Water Hydrocleys nymphoides marginal Yes
Primrose Creeper (different) Ludwigia peploides marginal Yes
Rush, Giant Pickerel Pontederia lanceolata marginal No
Rush, Giant White Pickerel Pontederia lanceolata alba marginal No
Rush, Green Juncus 'Carmen's Japanese' marginal No
Sagittaria, Red Stem Sagittaria lancifolia rubra marginal No
Sensitive Fern, Giant Aeschynomene fluitans marginal No
Sensitive Plant Neptunia aquatica marginal; leaves close up when you touch them Yes
Sensitive Plant (different) or Touch Me Plant Neptunia oleracea marginal No
Sprite, Water Ceratopteris thalictroides floating Yes
Sword, Melon   marginal No
Sword, Radican Echinodorus cordifolius   No
Taro, Black Colocasia esculenta 'Black Magic' marginal Yes
Taro, Black Princess Colocasia affinis jenningsii marginal No
Taro, Green Colocasia esculenta marginal Yes
Taro, Green Colocasia indica marginal No
Taro, Imperial Colocasia antiquorum marginal No
Taro, Imperial (different) Colocasia esculenta illustris marginal No
Taro, Ruby Colocasia rubra marginal No
Taro, Variegated Alocasia amozonica 'Hilo Beauty' marginal No
Taro, Violet Stem Colocasia esculenta fontanesia marginal No
Thalia, Red Stem Thalia geniculata ruminoides or T. geniculata rubra marginal No
Thalia, Red Stem (different) Colocasia multiflora marginal No
Velvet Leaf Limnocharis flava marginal No
Velvet, Water or Salvinia Salvinia auriculata floating, koi resistant Yes, grows like a super weed sometimes!

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