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Robyn's Pond Blog for September 2018

Last Updated: 10/1/18

1. I did pond work on 9/2/18. Both the thermometers in the 1800 and 153 gallon ponds read 79 degrees F. I squirted all the filter materials, topped off the ponds, and put in additives. I fertilized the two surviving waterlilies. The other three are now all dead thanks to the fish who have been really rooting in things lately. They've also killed some marginals. My life is too out of control to worry about the poor dead plants.

2. It was very rainy on 9/9/18 so I did pond work in the rain. The 1800 and 153 gallon ponds were both down to 68 degrees F. I squirted all the filter materials and put in some additives. I surely didn't need to add water to the ponds as we had a few inches of rain. I only worked for an hour. A newly-morphed monarch butterfly was sitting, wings closed, on one of the milkweed plants. He/she had a rough first day in the rain!

3. I did pond work on 9/16/18. The 1800 gallon was at 73 degrees F, and the 153 gallon was at 72 degrees F. I squirted off all the filter materials and the bioballs. I put in additives. I didn't have time for anything else as family was coming over.

4. On 9/19/18, my immortal rabbit, Mr. Tiny, died. The apocalypse has begun. You can read about him on his page.

5. It was raining again on 9/23/18 but I did pond work. The rain was light enough that I could do with just a cap to keep the water off my glasses; my clothes weren't getting soaked enough that I had to come up with something to keep me dry but let me move. The air temperature was 60 degrees F. The 1800 and 153 gallon thermometers both read 68 degrees F. I squirted off all the filters and the Biosteps matala. I changed the Pondmaster filters. I removed the ropes around the big pond and moved the half net from there to the 153 gallon pond. I got out the big net for the 1800 gallon pond. Before I could put it on, I had to hand pull a ton of Japanese stiltgrass. And, the ponds are netted!

6. I did pond chores on 9/30/18. It was not raining for once! The 1800 gallon pond was at 67 degrees F, and the 153 gallon pond was at 69 degrees F. I did the usual, mostly cleaning all the filters. Then, I went and worked on my chicken pen.

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