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Mister Tiny's Page

Last Updated: 10/15/18

Mister Tiny on 2/27/05.



Photos are listed from oldest to newest.

Mister Tiny on 2/27/05 next to my shoe for comparison.
Mister Tiny on 2/27/05 on his cage. He is under the ramp that he loves.
Mister Tiny on 4/2/05 in an Easter basket.
Mister Tiny on 4/5/05 in his hutch.
Mister Tiny and Sweetie in the dog run on 10/2/05.

Harry, Sweetie, and Mr. Tiny (left to right) on 3/18/06. There is a video from then too on my video page.
Back iris garden - I put this photo here because the rabbit hutch is in the back corner. You can actually see Mr. Tiny in the right room of the hutch. The photo was taken on 4/26/06.
Mr. Tiny in the bathroom on 12/24/06.
Mr. Tiny and Harry in the bathroom on 12/24/06.

Mr. Tiny on 4/29/07 in his hutch.

Mr. Tiny on 1/13/08 in his hutch in his litter pan.

Mr. Tiny with Harry and Tinkerbelle (cat) on 2/8/09.

Mr. Tiny indoors in the little cage during a blizzard on 2/6/10. Harry is in the cage behind but he is hiding.

Mr. Tiny with Harry on 2/13/10. Mr. Tiny is on the top.

Tiny on 7/3/10.

Mr. Tiny on 4/17/12.

I took these photos of Mr. Tiny and his indoor cage on 10/12/13.
Mr. Tiny in his cage.
Mr. Tiny
Mr. Tiny in his cage.
Mr. Tiny in his cage.

On 1/25/14, I had my two rabbits out together, and cats Emmy and Tinkie showed up to check them out. Mr. Tiny is on the top left of all photos.
Mr. Tiny and Harry
Mr. Tiny and Harry
Mr. Tiny, Harry, and Emmy
Mr. Tiny, Harry, Tinkie, and Emmy
Mr. Tiny, Harry, Tinkie, and Emmy

Here are some photos of Mr. Tiny on 6/1/14 after his bath. My cat, Tinkerbelle, was helping.
Mr. Tiny
Mr. Tiny

I took thus photo on 1/10/15 after I moved the two buns next to each other.
Rabbit cages with Harry on the left side and Mr. Tiny on the right.

Cages on 5/29/15 - Mr. Tiny's is on the right.

From 7/30/15:
Mr. Tiny
Mr. Tiny

Mr. Tiny on 10/11/15.

My Tiny can do some rare for a rabbit. He can pop out the gland associated with his inner eye lid. The vet says this is harmless. He does it when he is scared including when I groom him. These photos from 1/7/17 show the gland popped out, and then a photo literally seconds later after he put it back in which he can do at will. These photos are of the left eye but he can do it in both eyes, sometimes at the same time and sometimes not.
Mr. Tiny's inner eye gland
Mr. Tiny's eye when the gland is back in


On 2/27/05, my mother was feeling down since our dog, Schmoo, died the month before and four other animals were in poor health or dying outright (cat Samantha - old, decrepit, kidney failure; cat Elvisina - feline hyperthyrodism, some unknown virus, bad heart; hedgehog Sonic - dying of cancer; and rabbit Isabella - completely disabled and in really bad shape) so when she went into a pet store, it was almost inevitable that she would come out with something! She impulse bought an itty bitty lop. When she showed "her" to me, I said, "She's so tiny....Miss Tiny." For wont of something better to call her, that was "her" name for then. "She" was about 8-weeks-old the store said, placing "her" assigned birthdate to be 1/2/05. [The store, my mother, myself, and the vet were all wrong about the sex. Miss Tiny is Mister Tiny. See below. I will switch to masculine now for him (I had to alter all the text).] He was brown and white. They said he was a mini lop but he looked too small so I think he was a dwarf lop or Holland lop (the vet later agreed). He seemed okay except a little nose discharge (what rabbit does not have that?), and one of his left front nails had a glob of scab so it must have broken off (note the vet said it would grow back but it never did). I trimmed his nails the day we got him but they were so itty bitty that even though they were sharp, there was not much to cut. My mother put Mister Tiny on her bed, and he came and licked her face. He loved kale, probably his first vegetables. Unlike most buns, he liked to climb. He had a ramp. On 3/4/05, he went to the vet, and he said he was perfect (and they all fell in love with him). He weighed just 444 grams. By comparison, my guinea pigs were 1035 and 1237 g the same day at the vet. He was Tiny!

On 4/2/05, I moved Mister Tiny out to the right side of the rabbit hutch. He had gotten a chubby little tummy but was still extremely spry. He loved to jump and climb so I mounted his metal balcony in the hutch. His cage inside was a tiny 25" x 15" while the hutch room was 35" x 39" which was 3.6 times bigger. He seemed to really love it. He kept moving the full size cat litter pan of CareFresh in there about so he was very strong! He was still tiny but maybe three times heavier. Update 4/20/05 - He was doing great!!!!!

On 5/22/05, my mother put Mister Tiny in the old dog run with Sweetie. He began to mount Sweetie repeatedly. I told my mother that females will do that but when I turned "Miss" Tiny over, it was apparent that his new name was Mister Tiny! Although his testicles had not descended, he had out his "you know what." I was supposed to know what I am doing as far as sexing rabbits but was obviously an idiot! Of course, the breeder, store owner, and vet all said he was a female! I would hope in a few months when I went to have "her" spayed, the vet would have figured it out! Sweetie also mounted Mister Tiny so I was right that females mount too. She was six times heavier than him at least so he did not like being squished! They had a great sex-fest because my mother wanted them to "play!" Sweetie was spayed so babies were not a concern.

Mr. Tiny was neutered on 7/7/05 with no problems. He was a good boy as long as you did not try to pick him up! Update 8/17/05: Mr. Tiny was just fine!

Update 11/5/05, Mr. Tiny was still doing great. He was one of my healthiest animals!

On 12/2/07, after I had cleaned their hutch, I went to groom the boys (Mr. Tiny and Harry). I discovered a huge tumor on Mr. Tiny. I did not know how I missed it before! It was under his left arm pit. I had just thought it was a fat flab but it had a hard center. I took him to the vet on 12/6/07. He stuck a needle into the hard part and put it under a microscope. All he saw were fat cells. So, he said it was just a fatty tumor. As long as it did not prevent him from walking, there was no reason to remove it. He said removing it can cause pockets of fluid in the body anyway. Aside from that, the vet said he was in great shape! His weight was up to 5 pounds though.

My mother started putting Harry and Mr. Tiny together in Harry's room a few times a week when I was not home. I was worried at first but they soon became best buddies.

Update 8/27/08: Mr. Tiny's lump grew a little bigger but in the last few months seems to have actually gotten smaller. I thought it was smaller than it was last December.

On 9/22/08, I took Mr. Tiny to the vet for a checkup. The vet could not find anything wrong. He was molting like mad but that was normal that time of the year. I was worried because a few weeks earlier, Mr. Tiny went for a week without eating much of anything. Plus, he sneezed a few times and seemed to have a little goop around his eyes and nose. The week after that, Harry did not eat much of anything for a week. The vet thought they had a cold virus or maybe a pasteurella outbreak but that their immune systems fought it off, and they were totally fine now. Mr. Tiny was 5.1 pounds. The vet and I cleaned out his anal glands. His fatty lump had not changed.

Mr. Tiny had a checkup at the vet on 9/21/09. He was up to 5.6 pounds. His fatty tumor was about the same. He was molting like mad at this time. The vet found nothing of concern.

Mr. Tiny had his yearly checkup on 9/23/10. He was down to 5.3 pounds. The vet said his tumor (lipoma) was a little larger and very rare in a rabbit. Like the last few years, Tiny was molting during the visit but, at least this time, he was at the end of the molt so the fur was not too overwhelming. A few weeks earlier, he was twice his normal size with fur coming off that I tried to pluck but the fur seemed to attack me and fly everywhere. I had the vet clean out the smelly pockets on either side of his privates that collect yellow gunk.

I had Mr. Tiny to the vet on 11/29/10 to have some blood taken from his ear to test for E. cuniculi via titer since I thought it killed Isabella and Sweetie. Mr. Tiny's titer came back negative on 12/6/10 so he had never been exposed. Either Sweetie did not have E. cuniculi, or she did and never gave it to Mr. Tiny which was still possible.

Mr. Tiny had his yearly checkup on 9/22/11. He was 5.0 pounds. The vet was really surprised that he had two large fatty tumors under both arms. As before, he was just past peak molt, and fur was all over! The vet said he was healthy. I did know that he was sleeping more than he used to do, and that he startled easily (meaning he was hard of hearing).

As of 5/30/12, Mr. Tiny was still doing fine.

I finally got the rabbits back to the vet on 6/30/13 after I got a job (I was cutting expenses for 1.5 years while I had no job). Mr. Tiny was doing great said the vet! He still had the fatty tumors of course but they were not a problem. He gained a little weight up to 5.7 pounds.

Well, over the years, Mr. Tiny has had issues with feces stuck to his rump. I thought I was doing a good job of keeping him and his cage clean enough. I had a gut feeling to check his butt the morning of 9/2/13, the Labor Day holiday. I saw blood but not much else, no clumps of poo. Then, I pulled open the flap to one of his "holes" (anal gland areas were his testicles would be if he had them; they accumulated gland excretions and required regular cleaning). Maggots were just pouring out. I did an emergency bath and wiped and flushed out hundreds of maggots. The problem was that these were larger ones so they had actually eaten in to him a few spots. A large hole was present next to his penis. They had crawled up and eaten in to his back even. This was more than I could handle. I knew he needed a shot of ivermectin to kill any remaining maggots that bit him as well as oral antibiotics. Three hours and $317.50 later, we were back from the emergency vet. He got his shot for $41.40 and a "maggot removal" for $132.00! He also got a sulfa drug liquid that he had to take twice a day and some silver sulfadiazine cream that I had to apply a few times a day. He was now indoors for the rest of his life in a much smaller home but one safe from maggots (and other outdoor problems). I hoped he could recover from his injuries (little did I know that he would live five more years!). The report said he was 5.8 pounds but I did bring him there still wet.

Update 9/7/13: Mr. Tiny was healing pretty well! The only area that was concerning was the hole that the maggots created at his penis. It would likely remain disfigured. He was adapting well to indoor life. I had to clean his rear daily and put on medicine twice a day. I would have to continue butt cleanings after he was healed on days he had night feces stuck on there due to the smell and mess. He had not had too much problem with that since he had been inside. He was eating all his fruits and vegetables and putting up a good fight when I tended to him. He was amazingly strong.

Update 9/29/13: My Tiny was all healed. His fur had regrown over the scars on his back. His privates looked normal; I was not sure what happened to the hole from the maggots but it had healed. He had settled in to life in an indoor cage.

Update 11/11/13: Mr. Tiny was doing well. I cleaned his rear daily as needed and bathed it with bunny shampoo every weekend.

Mr. Tiny had his yearly check up on 7/3/14. He was 5.5 pounds. His inner eyelids were showing a bit and some inner eye gland because he was scared. His eyes were a little goopy so I got some ofloxacin liquid drops to use for a week. Otherwise, he seemed healthy.

The first week of 2015, Mr. Tiny became 10 years old! He was now my oldest rabbit ever. Aside from the poop on his butt requiring butt baths, he was in good shape, actually amazing shape! His poopy butt did give him some urine scald and tenderness down there but he ate a lot of food, and he seemed content. Unlike Harry, who had now joined him in a cage next to him as he was getting too old and poopy too, he was not aggressive. Harry bit and grunted. Mr. Tiny was sweet.

When I got home from work on 7/21/15, Mr. Tiny had not eaten any of his breakfast, he had his eyes shut, and was not very responsive. I thought he was going to die. The next day, he ate a little but his breathing seemed erratic. But, by the next day, he was behaving pretty much normally. By chance, his yearly appointment was on 7/24/15, and aside from the usual (goopy eyes, poopy butt, shedding), the vet found nothing really wrong with him. He did say that his heart rate would alternate between abnormally slow and abnormally fast so that is probably a bad sign. His weight was 5.3 pounds. I got some more ofloxacin for his eyes. The vet said to use the drops for two weeks, and if the eye goopiness still came back after, then it did not make sense to keep using it.

In June of 2016, I treated Mr. Tiny's eyes for two weeks with oflaxicin because he had a lot of weeping.

Mr. Tiny had his yearly appointment on 8/4/16. His weight was up to 5.4 pounds. The vet said his eyes did not have conjuntivitis, that he just was making a lot of tears and to try to keep that clean. The scary, big pink thing that sticks out of Mr. Tiny's eyes when he was scared was the gland for the second eye lid. The vet said it can produce tears when the main tear ducts do not oblige. His dewlap was also a little dirty. His coat was in good shape (unlike Harry who was molting). His ears were a little dirty. The vet cleaned those. Mr. Tiny was healthier than most rabbits half his age!

Mr. Tiny had his yearly appointment on 7/6/17. His weight was down to 4.5 pounds but the vet said this is to be expected due to him being 12.5 years old! His eye glands were hanging out for the vet to see. He finds it interesting instead of scary. Tiny had a lot of goop from his eyes but the vet said they were not infected. He did say we could try some eye lubricant gel which they had to order. Tiny had a staph infection in his ears but the vet said it is not bad enough to treat it.

I took Mr. Tiny to the vet a little early on 6/14/18 because he was not doing well. The vet could not help his eyes in past years but they were so bad now. The inner gland was always out, red, and sore like a cherry. This time though, the vet gave him some steroid drops that actually worked to shrink the glands so they could almost go inside his head! The eye drops were a Neopolydex opthamologic suspension used twice a day. The vet also put him on a Baytril oil suspension (40 mg/mL, 1.6 mL twice a day). He said to only use them for a week. The next morning, the glands were almost back in his head already and pink instead of red!

Unfortunately, Mr. Tiny had many problems by this time. The goopy eyes created infections under his eyes and in his ears since he was a lop, and his ears were getting in his eye goop. He also had trouble breathing sometimes but the vet said his heart and lungs sounded very good! The vet was most worried about his weight loss. He was down to only 2.9 pounds from 4.5 pounds the year before! He still ate all his fruits and vegetables though.

Some time in late August, 2018, Mr. Tiny lost his ability to get up. I gave him fluid by pipette to his mouth twice a day, and he would eat food I put in front of him. He did not eat on 9/18/18, and he was gone on 9/19/18 in the morning. Mr. Tiny was 13 years, 8 months, and 2 weeks old, the oldest rabbit that I ever had. The oldest rabbit ever was 16 years old, and I thought Mr. Tiny was going to beat him. I always said the apocalypse would begin if Mr. Tiny died, and it has. After 30 years, I have no rabbits, and I probably never will again. That sure sounds like the end to me.

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