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Rabbit Communication

Last Updated: 10/22/05

Rabbit Communication

Action or Sound Meaning What You Should Do
Grunt, Growl, and/or Lunging Get away from me; this is my spot!! Back off until bunny becomes more trusting
Feet Stomping 1. Something scary is around so you had better hide OR 2. I am a cool dude (bucks do it to show off)! 1. See what scared bunny OR 2. Ignore
Teeth Chattering or Humming or Purring I am happy Keep up the good work!
Mounting by buck or doe Sex (if intact buck onto doe) or dominance display of humper onto humpee (may be a bun, other animal, or object) Separate bun and object of desire if out of control
Jumping and Leaping I am super happy! Keep up the good work!
Chasing 1. I want sex with you (if intact buck chasing doe) or 2. I want to play 1. Solve sex problem or 2. Play with the bunny
Throwing things I am fiesty, having fun, and/or sexually frustrated Let bun toss things
Chewing on things he/she should not 1. I am bored or 2. Boy that tastes good! Give bun something else to play with (like you!) and chew on
Screaming Someone is trying to kill me! Rescue bun fast! I have only heard this sound when cottontail rabbits are seized by hawks.

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