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Rabbit Books

Last Updated: 11/1/05

These are the books that I own but many are available.

Book Information Link to Purchase
The New Rabbit Handbook by Lucia Vriends-Parent, Barron's, 1989.
Dwarf Rabbits: A Complete Pet Owner's Manual by Monika Wegler, Barron's Educational Series, Inc., 1992. This book has some great pictures of cute dwarf house rabbits including dwarf Angoras or Angora Jamoras. I have never seen a live dwarf Angora. I cannot find this specific book at amazon.com but other books by her are there.
Completely Angora by Sharon Kilfoyle and Leslie Samson, Samson Angoras, 1996. A must-have for any angora owner. Not sold on amazon.com
The Essential Rabbit edited by Betsy Sikora Siino, Howell Book House, 1998. This book is up to date so it includes information on house rabbits and spaying/neutering as well as outdoor hutches. It fails to mention the possibilities of spayed/neutered rabbits in outdoor hutches with litter pans. I do not believe in wire floors.
Rabbit Health in the 21 st Century: A Guide for Bunny Parents by Kathy Smith, 2001. The older version of book does not have an ISBN so it is not sold by book retailers but you can buy it at The Busy Bunny. The author, Kathy Smith, e-mailed me to let me know that a second edition is now out that is available through the major on-line stores like you see to the right. It does have an ISBN that you can request from your local bookstore: ISBN 0-595-28137-0. Go get one today! I bought the first edition and only had time to skim it (too busy!) but can see it should be in any bunny lover's library.

Here are some links to books on angora rabbits, dwarf rabbits, and rabbit health.

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