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Rabbit Links

Last Updated: 4/7/08

Rabbit Organizations and FAQ's
Rabbit Pellets, Hay, Treats, and Products
Personal Rabbit Web Pages
Angora Rabbits
Rabbit Health

If you cannot find what you are looking for on my page, you can search the internet:


The links on this page were last verified on 11/17/05 with bad links either being updated by searching for the site or removed if they could not be found. In any case where I think the site was superb and/or could find an archived version, I will note that it is gone but link to an archived version. If your site was wrongly removed because I could not find where it had gone, please e-mail me.


alt.pets.rabbits - use this link if you have a newsgroup system

alt.pets.rabbits - use this web link to use the newsgroup off google newsgroups.


Free catalogs for cats, dogs, and small mammals from That Pet Place can be obtained by calling 1-888-THATPET.

Drs. Foster and Smith has a small animal catalog that you can receive free by calling 1-800-826-7206. Enter their site through this link:
Save on Small Pet Supplies at Drs. Foster  & Smith

Rabbit Organizations and FAQ's

The House Rabbit Society (HRS)
The MD/DC/Northern VA Chapter of the HRS
The New York House Rabbit Society
The New York City House Rabbit Society
Rabbit links
Rabbit FAQ from The House Rabbit Society
FAQ on bedding
Rabbit Web - mega-site on rabbits
The Bunny Bunch - a no-kill rabbit rescue center
American Rabbit Breeders Association
Edible and Poisonous Plants for Rabbits
Drug Dosage Calculator for Rabbits

Rabbit Pellets, Hay, Treats, and Products

Oxbow Hay - the best rabbit pellets, multiple kinds of yummy hay, treats, and papaya tablets. For less shipping on the Eastern coast of the USA, try ordering their products from petfooddirect.com or Drs. Foster and Smith through this link:
Save on Small Pet Supplies at Drs. Foster  & Smith
The Busy Bunny - rabbit toys, mats, tunnels, baskets, hay, litter, and treats that are all edible, safe, and healthy!
Bunny Bytes - rabbit supplies, toys, treats, supplements, etc.
The Bunny Store - rabbit gifts (for people) and stuffed animals
Leith Petwerks - House Rabbit Supplies, toys, treats, etc.

Personal Rabbit Web Pages

Lillian's Rabbit Page - some photos of her rabbits

Bad Bunny - a list of things a good bunny will not do. It is pretty funny. It seems that shooting CareFresh out of the cage like you are a "snow machine" as one contributor says is pretty common!

- archived link

Barney and Jemima's web site (a web site on house rabbits):

Rabbit Pictures and Facts

Angora Rabbits

Angora Rabbit Breeder's Association
Angora Technical Manual
English Angora Resource site - archived version (site is gone)
Angora Rabbits - I found this site because a photo of my bun Isabella ended up on their breeders page! At least my name is with it.

Rabbit Health

Pasteurella Information

Additional pasteurella links can be found on my pasteurella page.

Drug Dosage Calculator for Rabbits

For more rabbit health links, see the rabbit health page.

If you would like me to add a link to your site, e-mail me.

Pet Link Banner Exchange:

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