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Mammal Videos

Last Updated: 10/29/09

Here are videos of deer, raccoons, rabbits, cats, a squirrel, and a wolf.

Videos are listed from newest to oldest.

Tinkerbelle and Squirrel - 1623 KB, mpg movie.
Tinkie on 10/24/09. She was waving at a female gray squirrel using the feeder. Once I did the video, she only gave me one wave.

Deer - 2025 KB, mpg movie.
I was outside taking photos on 10/18/09 when this doe I call Brokey Jaw (due to her offset bottom jaw) was hanging around. I took a few photos and then did a video. She decided she wanted a close up all on her own. More on deer and her photo can be found on my deer page.

Tinkie - 1749 KB, mpg movie.
Our new kitten, Tinkie, on 2/2/08.

White Timber Wolf - 1046 KB, mpg movie.
Go to my page from the
Catoctin zoo for more about that video.

Deer - 2333 KB, mpg movie.
On 7/14/07, while I was cleaning fish tanks in the laundry room, one of our does and her two fawns were eating grass outside the window so I decided to take a photo and then I did a short video. At the end of the video, I pan to the left quickly so you can see the pool which is twenty years old and ready to fall apart. The deer were just a few feet from the house which is typical here. Here is the photo taken right before the video. For more deer photos, go to my deer page.

Raccoon - 2542 KB, mpg movie.
Here is a raccoon eating my cat, GK's, food at 8 am on 8/1/06. This video is kind of dark.

Raccoon - 213 KB, mpg movie.
This video was an accident (I hit the wrong button) so it is really short but I included it anyway. He does a super fast butt wiggle. It was also from 8/1/06.

Raccoon - 568 KB, mpg movie.
This third video of the raccoon from 8/1/06 is short but shows him the best.

For more on raccoons, go to my raccoon page.

Harry - 416 KB, mpg movie.
This video of Harry (rabbit) sometime in July of 2006 was an accident (I meant to take a photo). There is not much to it. For more, go to Harry's Page.

On 3/18/06, I finally figured out how to take videos with the digital camera. I took seven of them (some moved to other pages now). They are not great camera work but more of a test until I find things worthy of taping. It took over 20 minutes to upload per video so I will not be doing many of these. These were sort of tests so not that great! In the buns and Gino videos, you will hear my voice but it is the high pitched voice I use when calling one of my animals, not my normal voice.

Buns - 1398 KB, mpg movie.
This shows my three mobile rabbits, Sweetie, Mr. Tiny, and Harry hopping together in the laundry room on 3/18/06.

Dude - 2273 KB, mpg movie.
I approach and pet my cat Dude on 3/18/06. She was purring but you cannot hear it.

Gino - 1866 KB, mpg movie.
The love of my life, Gino, comes over to get and give some loving. As with all this group, it was taken on 3/18/06.

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