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Last Updated: 6/26/17

So far, Robyn's web pages have received 20 awards. Some I applied for but some were given to me. Most of the awards are from years ago and pretty meaningless. I moved them from my homepage to this page on 3/24/07.

My pond web site won an award in 1998 that you can see on my main pond page.

My site won the following Mommies on the Web award in October of 1999.

Mommies on
the Web

My native fish related pages won an award from The Native Fish Conservancy on 3/17/00. It is at the bottom of my main fish page.

My fishy pages won an award from The Barnyard in September of 2000. It is at the bottom of my main fish page.

Additional awards from the Barnyard that were added on Jan. 1, 2001, can be found on my guinea pig, sailfin lizard, cat, rabbit, and dog web pages.

I got an award from Justin's Pond called the Pond Award on 2/16/02 that can be seen on my main pond page.

Justin also nominated my pond page for the "'Cool Site' in the DMOZ Netscape Open Directory Project' which I received on 5/17/02. It is displayed on my pond page.

I was given the "Critical Mass Award" for having a large site on 10/12/02. They assigned it to my animal index page for some reason where you can see it.

On 12/3/02, my site was chosen as the Zookeeper's Pet Favorite for that week. Here are two different graphics that link to their site. The second I could not resist since I have a page on toads as well!

Zookeeper's Pet
WebSite Award Zookeeper's Pet WebSite Award

On 4/16/04, I was given an award from a new web site on goldfish called Goldfish-Care.com. The award is on my fish page.

On 6/22/05, I was given the "Next Day Pets Cool Pet Supply Site of the Day Award." This is strange since I do not sell any pet supplies. I took the code anyway. On 4/19/16, they requested that I replace the award with a link to their site at Next Day Pets so I added that but left the award. Then, on 6/12/17, they asked me to remove all links to their site saying they were "unnatural." I do not understand but I removed them.

On 8/8/06, I was given the award for the "My Pet Outlet 2006 Pet Website Award." On 7/2/17, when trying to update this page, I was informed that they put out malware so I have removed the link.

I got an award in early 2007 for my pathetic dog page which you can see there.

I got this reef tank reward for my freshwater crustaceans page (which makes no sense!) on 1/27/10.

proudly awards
this site as
Recommended Reading
Please vote for it
in the community!

Vote for us!

I got this reward in the fall of 2010.

Given by Pets Direct

Online Pet Shop


I got the "Best in Show" award from ChickenBreedsList.com on 4/9/12. It is at the bottom of my chicken page.

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