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The Big Aquarium Redo

Last Updated: 1/28/14

This is a diary of events from when I redid my aquariums on 3/17/07, 3/18/07, and dates yet to be determined since four tanks are involved. The events are divided into five pages including this page.

Where you see an underlined "Photo" word, you can click on that to see a photo taken that day.

50 Gallon Tank Cleaning - 3/17/07
Conversion of 40 Gallon Tank Over to 65 Gallon Tank - 3/18/07 the first time and 3/31/07 the second time
Conversion of 20 Gallon Tank Over to 40 Gallon Tank - 4/7/07
Conversion of 10 Gallon Tank Over to 20 Gallon Tank - 4/11/07


I decided to renovate some of my aquariums. My turtle, Tator, was in a 20 gallon tank which he was outgrowing. A year previous, my sailfin lizard, Einstein, was not doing well. I had expected that Tator would move into her 120 gallon tank. But by 2007, Einy was fine. So, Tator needed a larger tank. I could have just bought him one but thought of how buying one tank could help the other animals. My 50 gallon tank had been set up with a Magnum 350 Pro filter since 3/29/06. I hate that filter. That first week, it gave me a permanent scar on my right hand from the metal latch on it. Taking the filter apart every few weeks for cleaning was physically hard for me. It also would leak whenever we took the hoses apart for cleaning. I wanted a better filter. My 40 gallon tank had an Emperor 400 filter which I liked. So, putting one on the 50 gallon tank made sense. The problem: the tank was too close to the wall. That means I needed to completely empty the tank to move it out 1.5 inches. The 50 gallon was last torn down (emptied and redone) in May of 2001. What does this have to do with the turtle? Nothing really, I just wanted to redo the 50 gallon at the same time as the 40 gallon. Why redo the 40 gallon? Well, if I bought a 65 gallon tank, then the 40 gallon fish could have that, and the turtle could then have the 40 gallon. The 20 gallon would go to my anole and roaches living in a 10 gallon. The 10 gallon would be put out of service. Therefore, from buying one 65 gallon tank, I would help many animals. The 40 gallon contained a 15" pleco 12-year-old pleco and three medium-sized fantail boys. Plecy, the pleco, could not stand up in the 40 gallon; he was too long.

Here are some links to start on my web site pertaining to the aforementioned aquariums and animals.

Tator's Page - Eastern red-bellied turtle
Einstein's Page - sailfin lizard
50 gallon tank
Old 40 gallon tank
New 65 gallon tank

Here are some links to pages about the fish mentioned on this page in various places:
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Rosy barbs
Panda cories
Siamese algae eaters
Queen Arabesque Plecostomus

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