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Index to all Robyn's Moved Web Pages

Last Updated: 2/18/14

Pages No Longer In Use:

I am moving some files to their own subdirectories. For that reason, the list of now defunct pages is growing. I will be adding more here over time. These pages below have been deleted. All the information was transferred to the new directories. If you need to see a page as it used to be, go to archive.org and enter in the full URL to find the archived version.

If you have links to these old pages, please correct them to the new web address. If you need assistance in figuring out which page that is, contact me.

These are the pages I have removed since moving my site to fishpondinfo. These do not include half a dozen older files I removed when I moved my site over to fishpondinfo.

I moved these 13 pages to the my aquariums and ponds directory on 2/22/14.

mypond.htm - My Ponds - descriptions, inventories, and more on my 1800 gallon pond
mypond2.htm - My Ponds - descriptions, inventories, and more on my old 50 gallon pond and my 18 gallon, two 20 gallon ponds, 12 gallon pond, and a 2 gallon pot pond
mypond3.htm - My Ponds - descriptions, inventories, and more on my 50 gallon lotus tub, 153 gallon liner ponds, and 12 gallon Tricker pond
pictures.htm - Pond Pictures Index
pictures3.htm - Big Pond Pictures
pictures4.htm - Animal Pond Pictures
pictures5.htm - Fish Pond Pictures
pictures6.htm - Construction, Plans, and Other Pond Photos
problem.htm - Problems with My 1800 Gallon Pond
tank20.htm - My 20 gallon tank
tank50.htm - My 50 gallon tank
tanks.htm - My Aquarium Tanks and My Fish
winter2.htm - Winter and Fall Pond Photos

I moved these pages to the insect directory on 11/16/13.

ant.htm - Ant Control
bugs.htm - Insect Index
cicada.htm - Cicadas
cricket.htm - Crickets
insect.htm - Aquatic Insects - Alderflies, Dobson flies, fishflies, beetles, caddisflies, dragonflies, and damselflies
insect2.htm - Aquatic Insects - Flies (11 types)
insect3.htm - Aquatic Insects - Mayflies, moths, spongilla flies, springtails, stoneflies, and true bugs
mosquito.htm - Mosquitoes
worm.htm - Mealworms

I moved these pages to the mollusk directory on 4/21/12.

snail.htm - Snails and Clams
snail2.htm - Snail Species
snailfaq.htm - Snail FAQ

I moved these pages to the crustacean directory on 4/21/12.

shrimp.htm - Shrimp
shrimp2.htm - Shrimp Species

I moved these pages to the my fish directory on 3/6/12. I did leave in holder pages though.

mypond.htm - My Ponds
mypond2.htm - My Ponds Part 2
mypond3.htm - My Ponds Part 3

I moved these pages to the amphibian directory on 7/3/10.

frog.htm - Amphibians
frog2.htm - Frog Species
frog3.htm - Frog and Toad Information
frog4.htm - Aquarium Frogs
saly.htm - Salamanders and Newts
toad.htm - Toads

I moved these pages to the fish directory on 2/14/09.

gfish.htm - Goldfish Page One
gfish2.htm - Goldfish Page Two
gfish3.htm - Goldfish Page Three
gfish4.htm - Goldfish Page Four
koi.htm - Koi
pleco.htm - Common Plecostomus

I moved these pages to the animal directory on 9/12/08.

mammals.htm - Pond Mammals
micro.htm - Aquatic microorganisms and miscellaneous including spiders, mites, worms, microorganisms, hydra, jellyfish, moss animals, and sponges
pmamm.htm - Pond Mammals, Birds, and Reptiles

I moved these pages to the animal directory on 8/30/08. The new hamster page is here, the dog page here, and the zoo photo page here.

dog.htm - Dogs
hamster.htm - Hamsters
zoo.htm - Zoo Photos

The anole page was moved on 7/5/08 to the animal directory in honor of my anole who died. The content of this old page as moved to the new anole page.

anole.htm - Green Anoles

The content from these 3 files was moved to the sailfin lizard directory on 2/24/08.

dragon.htm - Sailfin Dragon Showcase
einy.htm - My sailfin lizard Einstein
sailfin.htm - Sailfin Lizards

The content from this file was moved to the new wildlife page on 7/6/07. It was split up among the animals and birds directories.

wild.htm - Deer and Wildlife

The content from these 7 files was moved to a new bird directory on 7/6/07.

birds.htm - Pond Birds
chicken.htm - Chickens
chicken2.htm - Our Chickens
chicken3.htm - Raising Chickens
chicken4.htm - Photos of Our Chickens
mystery.htm - Yellow-Billed Cuckoo
turkey.htm - Wild Turkeys

The content from this page was moved to these two pages - old 40 gallon tank and 65 gallon tank around 3/18/07.

tank40.htm - My 40 gallon tank

The content from these 2 files was moved to a new hedgehog directory on 10/29/06.

hedgehog.htm - African Pygmy Hedgehogs
hedgie.htm - My Hedgehogs

The content from these 13 files was moved to a new plant directory on 5/6/06.

algae.htm - Aquarium Algae
algae2.htm - Pond Algae and UV Sterilizers
barley.htm - Barley Straw
decor.htm - Aquarium Plants and Driftwood
floating.htm - Floating Plant List
hardy.htm - Plant Lists
iris.htm - Iris List
marginal.htm - Marginal Plant List
plant.htm - Pond Plant Index
plant2.htm - Aquatic Plant Care
plant3.htm - Aquatic Plant Information
submerge.htm - Submerged Plant List
tropical.htm - Tropical Plant List

The content from these 8 pages was moved to a new AquaBabies directory on 4/14/06.

apoll1.htm - AquaBabies Poll Results 1999 to 2001
apoll2.htm - AquaBabies Poll Results 2002
apoll3.htm - AquaBabies Poll Results 2003
apoll4.htm - AquaBabies Poll Results 2004
apoll5.htm - AquaBabies Poll Results 2005
apoll6.htm - AquaBabies Poll Results 2006
aquababy.htm - AquaBabies Boycott Page
aquapoll.htm - AquaBabies Poll

The content from this page was moved to a new pond cleaning page on 4/8/06.

clean.htm - My 153 Gallon Pond Cleanings

The content from these 2 pages was moved to a new guinea pigs directory on 3/18/06.

pig.htm - Guinea Pigs
pig2.htm - My Guinea Pigs

The content from these 3 pages was moved to a new cats directory on 2/11/06.

cat.htm - Cats
cat2.htm - My Living Cats
cat3.htm - My Deceased Cats

The content from these 11 pages was moved to a new turtles directory on 2/4/06.

box.htm - Box Turtles
hatchling.htm - Hatchling Turtles
painted.htm - Painted Turtles
turcare.htm - Turtle Feeding and Care
turhealth.htm - Turtle Health
turpond.htm - Turtle Ponds
turtank.htm - Turtle Tanks
turtank2.htm - Turtle Tank Article by Jon Andrews
turtle.htm - Turtle Index
turtle2.htm - Turtle Species
turtle3.htm - Turtle Pond Article by Lori Green

The content from these five pages was moved to a new rabbits directory in October 2005.

myrab.htm - My Rabbits
rabbit.htm - Rabbits Index, Links, and More
rabcare.htm - Rabbit Care Page One
rabcare2.htm - Rabbit Care Page Two - Feeding and Grooming
rabcare3.htm - Rabbit Care Page Three - Health

The content from these three pages was moved to a new comments directory.

comment.htm - Comments on My Web Pages
fishcom.htm - Comments on My Fish Pages
pondcom.htm - Comments on My Pond Web Pages

The content from these three pages was moved to the newsletter archives in its own directory with one newsletter per page to shorten the length of the pages.

news2001.htm - Pond Newsletters 2001
news2002.htm - Pond Newsletters 2002
news2003.htm - Pond Newsletters 2003

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