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Cornelia's Page

Last Updated: 3/16/22

Cornelia on the day that I got her, 11/16/19.

Photos and Videos

Photos and Videos

Photos and videos are listed from oldest to newest. Videos include the word video and will take you to You Tube.

These photos are from the day that I got Cornelia:
Cornelia - right side of her body
Cornelia - view of her face


I got Cornelia at a rabbit and cavy show on 11/16/19 along with Princess Gina and Jasmine. Cornelia is a calico teddy guinea pig. She was born on 9/3/19. She weighed 446 grams on the day that I got her. Of the three guinea pigs, she hid the most at first and was very skittish. None of the pigs would eat any fruits or vegetables at first so I am working on that. It took about a week for them to realize that they like fruits and veggies and to eat like, well, pigs.

I took the three new pigs to the vet on 11/22/19. He could not find out anything wrong with any of them. They weighed Cornelia at 388 grams, way below the 446 grams I had weighed. They double checked. I must not have gotten a good weight on her. I now am using a little cage to hold them in place on the scale for a weekly weighing for the next few months until they are grown. On 11/23/19, I weighed Cornelia and got 406 grams. Perhaps my balance needs calibration. It will work though to see changes in weight.

On 11/30/19, Cornelia weiged 434 grams, an increase of 28 grams. On 12/7/19, Cornelia was 448 grams. On 12/14/19, Cornelia was 471 g. By 1/4/20, she was 574 g.

I took the pigs to the vet on 10/5/21. Cornelia was 949 grams so a good weight (Jasmine and Gina are obese). I thought Cornelia had a fatty tumor (lipoma) under her left arm but the vet says it is a cyst. I have to keep an eye on it because, if it breaks open, it could become infected. Otherwise, she is in good shape!

On 2/26/22, I felt another lump on Cornelia, next to her left breast. I was worried. I took her to the vet on 3/14/22. Her weight was down from 949 grams to 908 grams. When I had put her in the carrier, I realized that the lump by her breast was one large lump and then a string of small lumps. The vet said it went down to her urethra, an area where he could not operate. He did a needle aspirate on the breast lump and underarm lump. He said all he saw was fatty cells, and that both lumps were the same thing, cysts. So, the vet says not to do anything or to worry.

Go to Pigtopia for photos and information on Cornelia's home.

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