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Jasmine's Page

Last Updated: 8/14/23

Jasmine on 11/17/19.

Photos and Videos

Photos and Videos

Photos and videos are listed from oldest to newest. Videos include the word video and will take you to You Tube.

These photos are from the day that I got Jasmine:
Jasmine - top view
Jasmine - tummy view (the brown and black split right down her tummy)

Jasmine on 11/17/19 on the top level of Pigtopia. You can also see a little bit of Princess Gina.


I got Jasmine at a rabbit and cavy show on 11/16/19 along with Cornelia and Princess Gina. Jasmine is a calico American shorthair guinea pig. She was born on 9/11/19. She weighed 438 grams on the day that I got her. Of the three guinea pigs, she was in the middle as far as how afraid that she was at first. She is the youngest. Her toenails were too small for me to trim so they are like tiny little knives when she tries to get away from being held so I have to swaddle her for some bonding time. None of the pigs would eat any fruits or vegetables at first so I am working on that. It took about a week for them to realize that they like fruits and veggies and to eat like, well, pigs.

I took the three new pigs to the vet on 11/22/19. He could not find out anything wrong with any of them. They weighed Jasmine at 437 grams which is almost what I got six days earlier. I weighed her the next day and got 455 grams. That was in a little carrier tared on the balance. Hum.

On 11/30/19, Jasmine was at 493 grams, an increase of 38 grams! On 12/7/19, Jasmine was 525 g. On 12/14/19, Jasmine was 579 g. By 1/4/20, she was 656 g.

I took the pigs to the vet on 10/5/21. Jasmine was 1310 grams so she is obese. The vet found little growths on her feet which I never noticed despite trimming their nails monthly. He said they were calluses and cut them off.

I noted around July of 2023 that Jasmine has oily, smelly, black gunk around her two nipples. According to the internet, this may indicate ovarian cysts. Those are normally treated by spaying the guinea pig which is major surgery and may result in death. So, I am doing nothing about it.

Go to Pigtopia for photos and information on Jasmine's home.

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