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Princess Gina's Page

Last Updated: 4/14/24

Princess Gina on the day that I got her, 11/16/19.

Photos and Videos

Photos and Videos

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These photos are from the day that I got Princess Gina:
Princess Gina - top view
Princess Gina - tummy view


I got Princess Gina at a rabbit and cavy show on 11/16/19 along with Cornelia and Jasmine. Princess Gina is a silver agouti American shorthair guinea pig. She has a white tummy. She was born on 8/29/19. She weighed 437 grams the day that I got her. Of the three guinea pigs, she is the most adventurous, the first to eat, first to drink, first to run around, and first to go up the ramp to the other levels. I would say that she is in charge! None of the pigs would eat any fruits or vegetables at first so I am working on that. It took about a week for them to realize that they like fruits and veggies and to eat like, well, pigs.

I took the three new pigs to the vet on 11/22/19. He could not find out anything wrong with any of them. They weighed Princess Gina at 490 grams so she has been eating like a pig. I weighed her the next day in a little carrier tared on the balance and got 511 grams!

On 11/30/19, Princess Gina weighed 564 grams, an increase of 53 grams! On 12/7/19, Gina was 613 grams, up another 49 grams! The breeder told me that she could not be pregnant since she separates the sexes at the appropriate times but I am not so sure! She is getting heavier much faster than Cornelia or Jasmine. Her tummy is fatter but I do not feel any babies in there. On 12/14/19, Gina was 668 grams. By 1/4/20, she was 808 grams and quite chubby. I cannot feel any babies though, and I have now had the pigs for seven weeks which would put her less than three weeks until due if pregnant. So, that seems unlikely. She never had babies.

In 2020 (did not record the date), Gina developed sores on her back. Once they started to smell, I realized something was going on because she had a yeast infection. I watched and learned she was standing with her back on the nozzle of the water bottle so water was wicking on her back. All three pigs had been biting each others' backs. Maybe the cool water made her injuries feel better. I raised the water bottle an inch, and the yeast infection went away. I treated the back wounds with Neosporin when needed but the injuries were usually just spots with hair missing for all three of them.

I took the pigs to the vet on 10/5/21. Gina is very obese. She weighed 1430 grams. She has trouble breathing sometimes. The vet listened to her and said that she does not have asthma. The problem is in her upper airway, probably related to being overweight. All three pigs get the same food so Gina has a metabolic disorder. I have reduced the amount of food that the pigs have but they do have unlimited hay of five kinds.

As Gina aged, I sometimes saw her have trouble breathing. On 4/11/24, I witnessed Princess Gina have a seizure. She was partly on her side and partly upside down. Her little legs were twitching quickly. I opened the cage and turned her over, and her eyes were missing. In other words, they were rolled back in her head. Once I touched her, she stopped seizing within just a few seconds. She seemed startled but was then normal again. I have no idea why this happened. Her vet retired so I did not take her to the vet.

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